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   Arne Jansen Trio: My Tree: Presscuts

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Release Date: 26.01.2006
EAN/UPC: 705304648520
TT Catalogue No: 4486

  • "Seven self-composed pieces are presented by the 30 year old guitarist and composer Arne Jansen, one of Peter Herbolzheimer's favourite guitarists in the new german generation, on his debut Album with Eva Kruse and Eric Schaefer, both active for the last seven years in various ensembles, which he has recorded for Traumton Records.
    To be found on „My Tree“ are well structured compositions, in which solo passages and improvisations are never simply arbitrary, but provide a clear musical unity, and something is constantly happening in these over-flowing works, so that the listener is often reminded of other influences; simply exciting/engrossing.
    Three highly gifted and young musicians prove that they have ample room for their individual soundworld. Sometimes rock, sometimes jazz, Arne Jansen displays his virtuosic ability, Eric Schaefer creates unobtrusively a rhythmical and structured dynamic range, and together with Eva Kruse's dynamic playing, „My Tree“ offers an rousing and captivating modern jazz, which lies far beyond fixed concepts." 4/2006 Martin Lücke

  • "The Berlin guitarist Arne Jansen is influenced by the usual suspects John Scofield, Bill Frisell and Pat Metheny, but his first love is Mark Knopfler and the grunge-melancholic Pearl Jam. Not for nothing does his trio's debut album (on bass, Eva Kruse, on drums Eric Schaefer) with an exceptional/unusual version of the Pearl Jam piece „Release“. It is the enthralling rounding-off of a record, which draws power from tranquility. And in the process highlights Jansen's enormous multi-faceted jazz-guitar artistry of wit and sensitivity."
    Berliner Morgenpost, 8.4.2006

  • "Strength lies hiere within peace. Jansen's compositions are soulful landscape paintings with a great sense of breadth and space. Added to this, a definite rock melancholy. Not without reason is the album title a bow of acknowledgement to Pearl Jam's „In My Tree“, not through coincidence does Arne Jansen's cd close with the interpretation of an old song of those inventors of Grunge. The piece is called „Release“, and is indeed a liberation. Utterly gentle, with Jansen's harmonics on the guitar, Kruse's sweet-but-powerful basslines and Schaefer's tinkling bells: so it all begins, like an unorthodox jazz waltz. Then follows the anthem-like /hymn-like discharge. It is an earthquake. And an awesome finale to an enjoyable and laid-back trio album."
    Rondo, Josef Engels, 25.3.2006

  • "Arne Jansen is unquestionably a heavyweight in the Muthspiel/Rosenwinkel category. Arne is an exceptionally tasteful performer, in composition as well as sound.
    „ My Tree“ offers a modernity, which enthralls, which is unusually warm and engaging, and yet doesn't fall into post-modern, deconstructivist cliché. It succeeds constantly in one thing: it makes you curious. The guitar itself and the trio interaction are all in all thrilling, the profundity of musical declaration convincing the easiness of their presentation are striking. Utterly astonishing."
    Jazz Podium, 2006, Alexander Schmitz

  • "He sounds fresh and manages an impressive balancing act between quiescent improvisation and hot-blooded guitar rhetoric."
    Jazzzeitung 3/2006

  • "Perfect!"
    Gitarre & Bass, 2/2006 Lothar Trampert

  • "He can conjure up wonderfully lyrical meshwork, flare into off-the-wall themes, and also commemmorate the explosiveness of rock music: Arne Jansen's trio is a pleasure for the senses and the intellect."
    Jazz-Zeitung 2006/02, Critics' Choice, Roland Spiegel, BR

  • "...And so Traumton Berlin continues just as ever: headstrong, excellently produced and with stylish packaging; one need only hear the debut-cd of the guitarist Arne Jansen, who in his trio, with his terrific, artful and joyful playing, positions himself between Hendrix, Metheny and Jim Hall..."
    Saarbrücker Zeitung, 18.12006
  • "The debut album by German jazz guitarist Arne Jansen is recorded in the traditional power trio format, with the assertive bassist Eva Kruse and powerhouse drummer Eric Schaefer jockeying for position behind Jansen's leads. There's only occasional rock influences on My Tree, however, as on the moody, Schaefer-driven tune "Cielo Argento." Mostly, the album is in the northern European modern jazz tradition, with passages of free improvisation sitting comfortably within otherwise straightforward tunes. Despite the sonic differences due to the different instrumental lineup, fans of the Swedish neo-free jazz piano trio E.S.T. or their lesser American equivalent, the Bad Plus, will find My Tree conceptually similar, right down to Jansen's puckish cover of Pearl Jam's "Release" as the closing track."
    all music guide, Stewart Mason, 2006

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