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   Betancorband: Hispanoid: Release Information

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Release Date: 17.03.2006
EAN/UPC: 705304658925
TT Catalogue No: 4487


Miss Betancor doesn’t want to commit herself – and doesn’t want to be commited by others. Not lastly because of that she invented her alterego some years ago: the Popette who allegorically fuses the Pop musician and the Chansonette. The artistic diversity of the Berlin resident by choice, made it almost nescessary in the past to stroll between those and other genres and to make use of them. That’s how the Popette became that highly entertaining , incomparable One-Woman-Show.
Now she appears, together with guitarrist Dirk Berger, bassist Beat Halberschmidt (both members of the Berlin Cult-Avantgarde Band „Lychee Lassi“) and drummer/percusionist Kalle Mews for the first time as the BETANCORBAND.

Of course she composed (and wrote the lyrics) of most of the songs herself and, of course, the multiinstrumentalist doesn’t only sing, she plays piano , blows the trumpet and the alto horn.
With the Hispano-Jazz-Pop album „Hispanoid“ Betancor renders homage to her roots in multiple aspects. They obviously lie in Jazz – and in Tango, Bolero, in melancholy. „Sad but funny“ she says. The Half- Spaniard who was raised in the Mid-West of Germany, got most of them so to say innately. Her canarian inheritance (fromher father’s family) is already of monumental presence in the hispano-groovy opener „Marimacho“ (in english virago), when Betancor smoothly switches between german and english singing, either way powerful-voiced, but sounding surpringsly different in spanish.Rendering homage to tango, Carlos Gardel’s „Soledad“ and „volver“ achieve new eminence in surf style. Astor Piazzola’s classic „Libertango“ is allured in a musically grotesque way before la Betancor kicks off her eerie-beautiful version of the freedom-ode.
Musically, gruff Latin-Rock-Touch alternates with chansonesque pathos, blues influences with experimental Guitar-vaudeville shows.The Alsterpop from „Die Sterne“ mutates to something like a hybrid of „Hang on Sloopy“ and Marc Ribots „Cubanos Postizos“. And while Madonne is doing gymnastics to an AbbA-sample in her current video, Mrs Betancor presents her „Material Girl“ unlike more excitinig in a hispano-german ChaCha-Rock.

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