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   Strom & Wasser: Gossenhauer: Release Information

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Release Date: 03.03.2006
EAN/UPC: 705304668122
TT Catalogue No: 4491
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STROM & WASSER - Apocalyptic Folk Music
„ ...musical cabaret, apocalyptic folk music, singer-songwriter in the most extreme way, Punk with accoustic instruments...“: The attempt to describe the unique performance of Strom & Wasser makes you anticipate the whole spectrum of their program! In over 300 concerts throughout Germany in the last two years , Strom & Wasser made their audience concerned and emotional, made them die of laughter and were responsible for controversal discussions. They toured with Götz Widmann and Konstantin Wecker and were placed in the Lieder-Bestenliste (april 2004-february & march 2005).
Their songs are played on countless local radio stations, but also on the Deutsche Welle, the Deutschland Funk, Deutschlandradio, WDR, NDR, SWR, and many more. In january 2006 they were invited to the ZDF-Nachtstudio.
Strom & Wasser like playing in youth centers, in Punk-clubs, speakeasies or gas stations as well as cabarets and national theater. They released three CDs: „Randfigurenkabinett“, „Spielt keine Rolle“ and in march 2006 their new album „Gossenhauer“.

What kind of music can you expect from someone who already moved 47 times in the middle of his thirties, who lived in Peru, Argentina, Spain, Saudi-Arabia and Scottland, who was a conscientious objector and lived as a homeless, who was kicked out of all the sixteen schools, homes and boarding schools, who was an acting school drop-out to make it his own way and who now, after he published eight books, five audiobooks and had several music projects releases a CD called „Gossenhauer“ with his band „Strom & Wasser“?
On their third album the formation around frontman and radical poet Heinz Ratz presents itself more colourful and vivid than ever. Thematically closed, but with with the habitual musical spectrum, that admits Ska-Punk as well as Waltz, Tango or stalwart Accoustic-Rock, Ratz and his musical companions get ready to shoot a colourful broadside on everything grey and stiff in our society. Already the first song „Surrealist“ foams over with brute nonsense, bevor it smoothly passes into the grotesque groove ballad of „Pazerfahrer Jupiter“ (tank-driver jupiter), who already sang the german national anthem in his mothers belly and with childish pride wishes back the time of great Germany. Strom & Wasser don’t stick to any presettings and don’t want to be restricted by expectations. A joyful anarchy makes its way through the CD, but leaves enough space for serious topics, gutter-poetry and worldview statements a flashy live-show, the waiving of electric guitars and blasting sound, the joy of improvisation and their ratty cabaret tone makes them so succesful - autonomous from status and age of their audience.
On „Gossenhauer“ they succeeded in making songs from the rat-perspective – songs that see behind the curtain of our society and drive their apocalyptic greetings through the livingrooms of honest citizens.

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