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   Roman Ott: Inner Shape: Release Information

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Release Date: 27.04.2007
EAN/UPC: 705304449929
TT Catalogue No: 4499

Roman Ott - Inner Shape

Most musicians recommended as the latest discovery of the young German jazz scene these days aren't even that young. Roman Ott though, is actually only 24 years old, which is hard to believe if you've heard his debut album "inner Shape". Here we have four mature musicians at work who have entrenched themselves quite deeply in their own version of contemporary jazz. "We felt that we were all pulling together on this," sums up Roman Ott on the quartett's self-image. Roman Ott wanted to make music already as a child, trying first violin and guitar, unsuccessfully. In his father's record collection he then discovered Miles Davis‘s „ Sketches of Spain“. „That's when it went bang for me,“ Roman Ott remembers well. „The music was so intense and real.“ From then on it was to be the saxophone, one which his parents rented to start with, remembering the experience with the other instruments. But young Roman couldn't put this one down and began idolizing Charlie Parker, John Coltrane and Wayne Shorter.

A year as an exchange student in the USA did the rest. „My guest family weren't at home during the day so I had a lot of time to practice,“ remembers Ott. „And there was a big band at my high school.“ A Chick Corea concert in Washington and visit to the legendary Jazz & Heritage Festival in New Orleans finally did the trick. Since then the jazz bug just hasn't got out of Roman Ott. His jazz studies then led him to Essen, Germany for a year, before he changed to the UdK (University of Arts) in Berlin, where his quartett was completed by drummer Peter Gall. He had already met Bassist Benjamin Hiesinger and Florian Höfner before at workshops. The long, calm, powerful sound that Roman Ott cultivated over years of intensive musical development comes into its own on the track „ELLEMO“, enjoying a very special color from Peter Gall's exotic percussion. In „Summer Remembered“ Ott's saxophone seems to literally embrace you, driven by Florian Höfner's insistent Fender Rhodes and the energetic drums. The bacchanal ballad „Sweet Knees“ on the other hand,where the cymbals glide into your ear like rolling waves onto the beach, was dictated to Roman Ott by love. All four band members contribute to the quartett's sound, not only as wily musicians, but also as composers. Maybe the most unusual is the light and prancing „Song of the Penguin“, by Benjamin Hiesinger featuring Florian Höfner on the accordeon. In Peter Gall's „ Großstadtklänge“ (Sounds of the Big City), which doesn't sound hectic at all, but very sophisticated, Hiesinger gets the opportunity to play a tasteful solo. The final song, „Leo is a funny man“ is a lusty up-tempo-banger.
However different the nine compositions on „Inner Shape“ are from each other, a central theme is still recognizable. Here, a real working band have found each other, working out their own unique power of expression. Why it still sounds completely laid back, remains Roman Ott's secret.

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