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   Tuomi: The Expense Of Spirit: Presscuts

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Release Date: 23.03.2007
EAN/UPC: 705304450222
TT Catalogue No: 4502

  • "This is why music is interesting. Not only to entertain us, I could never imagine how life is without music, but some people also use music as the vehicle to express their feelings, emotions and senses, sending whatever they have in their heart to everyone who listen. In such case we have TUOMI, an awe-inspiring trio who knows how to bring the beautiful world of art, poetically with music. ... read interview with Kristiina Tuomi", 26.02.2010, Riandy Kurniawan
  • Serambi Jazz Presents: Kristiina Tuomi Trio in Bandung: The Report
    Carrying such an important mission, Serambi Jazz started strong with an outstanding group with a very unique concept, TUOMI. Led by German-Finnish vocalist Kristiina Tuomi with Carsten Daerr on piano and Carlos Bica on contra bass, the group gives a new signature in music, including jazz. ... read more, 26.02.2010, Riandy Kurniawan

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