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   Carsten Daerr Trio: Insomniac Wonderworld: Presscuts

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Release Date: 26.10.2007
EAN/UPC: 705304450826
TT Catalogue No: 4508
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  • “An exhilarating roller-coaster ride of revolution and tenderness, wild acts of liberation and gentle reconciliation. In every respect they are an adventure to be enjoyed with relish.
    Reinhard Köchl, (Germany)

  • “For me, though, the revelation of this year's event was the Carsten Daerr Trio. This tremendously gifted Berlin trio (Daerr on piano, Oliver Potratz on bass and drummer Eric Schaefer) have developed a powerfully persuasive ensemble sound, with avant-classical and rock elements woven into the fabric of their ingeniously constructed compositions.
    Daerr also endeared himself to the audience with his charming, witty introductions to each song, ensuring that his group became the surprise hit of the festival.”, 11/2009

  • “For years the Carsten Daerr Trio has won favour as one of Germany’s most fascinating piano trios: their third CD changes nothing. Featuring occasional saxophone accompaniment by Uwe Steinmetz, ‘Insomniac Wonderworld’ charts a journey through regions generally unexplored by a piano trio, with song titles such as ‘Manila’ and ‘Singapur’ hinting that the band’s experiences touring South East Asia lie in the mix. But to write this off as standard ethno-world jazz would be wrong – in the hands of Daerr and his colleagues, bassist Oliver Potratz and drummer Eric Schaefer, all sources of inspiration are subtly woven into finely nuanced layers: ‘Kuala Lumpur’ ascends to groove-laden pastures without relinquishing lingering echoes of the avant-garde, while ‘Jakarta’s’ strange effects smooth the descent into a heady mix of hypnotic rhythms and mysterious, melodic melancholy consumed in a grand, organ-driven maelstrom. The product of undeniable technical ability and intensive studio graft, repeated listening reveals an album from the Carsten Daerr Trio that just keeps on growing.”
    Jazz thing 71, Rolf Thomas

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