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   Pär Lammers Trio: Hinten rechts, der Regen: Presscuts

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Release Date: 14.03.2008
EAN/UPC: 705304451229
TT Catalogue No: 4512

  • "Less than a year ago, the debut album of young pianist Paer Lammers was published with the beautiful title 'All die bunten Schafe' (All The Colourful Sheep), and now the man has already published his second album. Yet again, Lammers has discovered a beautiful German title for his album – rare in times when most musicians want to sound as international as possible. Musically, Lammers has a lot to offer, especially when he varies the usual trio format from time to time on his second CD. Female vocals with and without text are added and – at last – a poignant electric guitar. But what makes the CD special are Lammers' small, poppy pieces whose beautiful melodies just stick in the mind – and whose realization – thanks to his attentive collaborators – sometimes shows hypnotic qualities reminiscent of the achievements of e.s.t." (rt)
    Jazzthing, February 2008

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