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   Corin Curschellas: Goodbye Gary Cooper: Release Information

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Release Date: digital only
EAN/UPC: 705304800225
TT Catalogue No: 8002

His forever relaxed posture, his shy smile, his winning kindness, and his unwavering yet never overbearing confidence - all this made him to an idol of the film world. A man adored by women and ungrudgingly admired by men. Whether he starred as the hero of a western or as the unwilling hero of a thoughtful Frank Capra comedy, Gary Cooper's mere appearance fascinated the audience to the point of humility.

Amusing or strange? In any case, whenever an author searched for a title for his new book, I would usually put an end to the shared helplessness with the following declaration: "There is only ONE title, that everyone would love, and that is GOODBYE GARY COOPER." Of course, none listened to me. But now, however, Corin Curschellas has done so with her new album. It could - and perhaps this is pushing the pathos too far - also be named: Farewell, 20th Century, you terrible one...
Jürg Federspiel, May 1999, New York City

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