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   So.Weiss: Happiness For A Moment: Presscuts

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Release Date: 10.10.2008
EAN/UPC: 705304451922
TT Catalogue No: 4519

  • "What the trio So Weiss from Berlin delivers with its second CD "Happiness for a Moment“ definitely has international referential character in the area of singing/songwriting-orientated pop-jazz. A genre cannot be better infused with originality, style sureness and ease ... The musical quality of So Weiss is one and indivisible in its wonderfully unobstrusive magnitude and dignity; that is probably why its radiance shines so bright, so clear, so white.“
    Jazzpodium, Volker Doberstein, 10/2008

  • „ ...With their second CD-album "Happiness for a Moment“ the trio from Berlin justifies their ranking in the upper echelons of modern pop-orientated jazz. Packing with them loads of emotional ammo, "So Weiss“ is convincing across the board...“, Rainer Molz, 10/2008

  • „ ...This poetic songwriter-album, often suggestive of chamber music with room for improvisation and soundscapes, creates densely–branched pictures for the mind –and moments of happiness for the ear.“
    Jazzthetik, 10/2008

  • „ ...its pieces are suffused with a singular beauty that is borne by the sensitive interplay of voice, clarinet/saxophone and double bass -and occasionally embellished by accordion and percussion.... Sung by Kristiina Tuomi, sorrow is transformed into a cathartic energy that might be ointment for any no-matter-how oppressed soul...“
    NOTES, 11/2008

  • „ ...Kristiina Tuomi´s pleasant velvety voice, unfailing even in higher ranges, wanders through poetic labyrinths...“
    Jazzthing 10/2008

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