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   Nachtlüx: Nach Norden: Release Information

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Release Date: 27.03.2009
EAN/UPC: 705304452424
TT Catalogue No: 4524
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"nach norden“ - "northwards“ - it is a direction, a call, a feeling, a point in time; or simply an answer. The respective question describes the core of nachtlüx‘s debut album of this name. "Wohin zieht es uns“ - "Where are we drawn to?" - sings Lea W. Frey, and one feels that she not merely speaks of love. It‘s about utopias; painful daydreams, fleeting and irreal. It is about a generation systematically going astray, scattered, homeless, aimless. Her vocals are supported by ticking clocks, grinding knives, prepared pianos - thick layers of sound, created by producer and sound artist Venezian. The journey northwards leads the listener to enchanted - and haunted - imaginary places, "behind the horizon“ and into the "nowhere“.
"nach norden“, the debut album from nachtlüx, is scheduled for release on Traumton Records on 27/03/2009.

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