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   Die Geschwister Pfister: In The Clinic: Release Information

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Release Date: 22.05.2009
EAN/UPC: 705304452622
TT Catalogue No: 4526

They're adorably absurd and provocatively perfect, comedians of the rarest kind: the Geschwister Pfister. Their name stands for Schlager, kitsch and comedy, for cool, sassy showbiz personalities with tongue-in-cheek charm, for an evening of pure delight! The Geschwister Pfister are Berlin's most famous cabaret act, song and show stars par excellence. Their stage shows are what legends are made of. And now they're off to the clinic ...

It's not easy being famous nowadays; our darling celebrities have hit hard times. The red carpet long started to fray as crisis hit from every direction: sagging career, divorce, total breakdown. Anyone under such tremendous pressure needs professional help, be it counselling or detox. The Geschwister Pfister have also realised this and have decided to open their very own clinic. Magic Mountain meets One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest - just when we thought mental health couldn't get any zanier. Never before have the Geschwister Pfister been so spectacular and so sane!

"A healthy dose of anarchy every time"

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