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   Thärichens Tentett: Farewell Songs

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VÖ: 25.09.2009
EAN/UPC: 705304452820
Traumton CD: 4528
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Michael Schiefel: vocals Sven Klammer: trumpet, flügelhorn Jan von Klewitz: alto sax, sopran sax, clarinet Andreas Spannagel: tenor sax, flute Nikolaus Leistle: baritone sax, bass clarinet Sören Fischer: trombone Kai Brückner: guitars Johannes Gunkel: bass Kai Schönburg: drums Nicolai Thärichen: piano, composition

1. Up to my neck in you
2. Farewell Suite I - Waltz For My Father
3. Farewell Suite II - Strange Bells
4. Farewell Suite III – If
5. On being a woman
6. This time
7. Unadored
8. The Last Day Of My Youth
9. I can See It In Your Eyes
10. Nightfall

Produced by Nicolai Thärichen
Reorded December 2008
Mixed February/March 2009 by Volker Greve at GREVE-Studios Berlin
"I Can See It in Your Eyes" mixed by Sven Klammer February/March 2009
Mastered by Wolfgang Loos at Traumton Studios Berlin
Cover design and artwork by Gero Desczyk (

The composer wishes to thank the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People for authorizing this use of Dorothy Parker's work.
"Unadored" from DO YOU LOVE ME by Ronald D. Laing © 1976 by Ronald D. Laing
Used by permission of Karen Laing and the R D Laing Estate.
"If" from THE COLLECTED POEMS OF ROBERT CREELY, 1975-2005 by Robert Creely, © 2006 by the Estate of Robert Creely.
Published by the University of California Press.


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