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   Thärichens Tentett: Farewell Songs: Presscuts

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Release Date: 25.09.2009
EAN/UPC: 705304452820
TT Catalogue No: 4528
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  • "The Goethe-Institut celebrated its 50th anniversary on the 20th November, 2009 in Bangalore with the commencement of the Golden Jubilee Celebrations which was launched by a Jazz concert courtesy Thaerichens Tentet from Berlin. Thärichens Tentet has been lauded as the band that delivers “the most felicitous compositions, the most polished arrangements, and the most humorous presentation of all larger German jazz groups”.
    The success of this group might have its origins in the inventive compositions, which are mostly set to poems of Dorothy Parker, Lord Byron, Thomas Hardy and Ronald D. Laing amongst others.
    The concert in Bangalore was kick started by a mourning farewell to adolescence in “The last day of my Youth”, followed by an exquisite display of Kai Brückner’s guitar in the bands version of the popular AC/DC track “Up to my neck in you”. In “On being a woman” composed on a 
    poem by Dorothy Parker the band of 10 men mockingly muses on their understanding of being a woman. It is in this song that Michael Schiefel displays his wide array of skills and his ability to improvise and switch between the voice of an opera singer and a deep masculine voice, both amidst thunderous applause. The versatility of the group was brought to the fore when Andreas Spannagel and Jan von Klewitz handled the flute, saxophone and the clarinet with consummate ease.
    The band continued to enthrall the turnout with their renderings for an hour and a half and the audience was truly spellbound. Overall a breathtaking performance. One should not miss the opportunity to experience this jazz spectacle when given the chance because it is one spectacle which will forever be imprinted on ones mind." -Kowsik, 12/2009

  • „The city witnessed one of the year's landmark celebrations with the 50th anniversary of the Goethe-Institut in India. As a tribute to the Golden Jubilee celebrations, some of Berlin's finest jazz musicians delivered a night to remember.
    An impressive line-up of mucisians, the ten-member band called Thaerichen's Tentet bore their instruments like knights in armour and brought alive some phenomenal jazz numbers.
    With a comic touch in every song, the ten men struck an array of chords and progressions all composed by Nicolai. From melodic tunes to orchestral ballads, the contemporary entertainers scored mature and nevertheless freaky music enthralling the awed crowd in the packed auditorium.
    Groovy, funky, volatile and stimulatingly dramatical; the ten adrenaline pumping men left an impregnable mark on the quinquagenarian occasion.“
    The Hindu, India

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