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   Eric Schaefer: Henosis: Release Information

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Release Date: 28.05.2010
EAN/UPC: 705304453629
TT Catalogue No: 4536

HENOSIS is a composition by the drummer and composer Eric Schaefer for chamber ensemble. Free-tonal lyricism, multi-layered rhythms and a polyphonic disposition form the shimmering complexity of the work. Nuances of texture and colors in sound are achieved by an intricate use of different instrument groupings such as solo violin, string quartet or a tutti of nine players.
The Athena String Quartet works intensively with contemporary composers such as György Kurtág, Henri Dutilleux and Hans Zender. Another emphasis among their broad repertoire is the performance of historically informed viennese- classical-music.
The Ensemble Henosis was formed by internationally renowned musicians who research on the borderline of Jazz, sound-improvisation and contemporary music.

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