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   Christian Zehnder: schmelz: Presscuts

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Release Date: 10.09.2010
EAN/UPC: 705304454220
TT Catalogue No: 4542

  • "Christian Zehnder Quartet: Schmelz (Melt)
    Imaginary folk music. Extreme singer Christian Zehnder has won international praise through his work in the duo Stimmhorn together with wind instrumentalist Balthasar Streiff. Over the years Zehnder has developed a unique style which combines overtone singing and yodelling with many other singing techniques which he all masters with ease. On Schmelz (Melt) he introduces his new quartet which spotlights the outstanding, innovative Swiss cimbalom player Barbara Schirmer. This catching music refers to ancient, archaic sounds of Switzerland but explores as well such of other continents. It gives off spheric, mystical and unexpected vibes throughout.", September 16, 2010

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