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   Kathrin Scheer: Rare: Release Information

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Release Date: 29.10.2010
EAN/UPC: 705304454923
TT Catalogue No: 4549
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Rare – The Poetics of Melancholy

„Rare, valuable, precious“ – is the meaning of the title to Kathrin Scheer’s debut album. And each of the wonderfully balanced jazz melodies is indeed precious. The voice from the other end of the universe sounds timeless and weightless, vibrating likewise deep down inside the listener.

In the beginning there was music

The 31 year-old native of Cologne can barely pinpoint her desire to become a musician: It simply went without saying. She discovered her “vocal” self-confidence while performing in various choirs. Kathrin Scheer’s love of music is rooted in her admiration of different styles such as gospel, rock and grunge. However, her studies at Cologne’s Academy of Music opened up a new world for her, the world of jazz. Ever since then, she describes her passion as: devoted to song writing.

Success soon followed: In 2000, she won the Federal Rock & Pop Competition in the category “Best Female Singer”. She is especially proud of her activities for feature film productions: For the film 4 Minutes (2206) she collaborated with the composer, Annette Focks, and in the film Wilde Hühner / Wild Hens (2008) her song writing can also be heard. Furthermore, she sings in the Berlin vocal ensemble Klangbezirk.

An album filled with tranquillity and emotionality

Kathrin Scheer founded her own band in 2005. Together with Olaf Drewes (paino), Markus Bender (bass) and Heiko Braun (drums), she created an individual sound that likewise characterizes the current album. The band brought in guests for the studio recording sessions: Julia Klomfass (musical saw), Mirek Pyschny (drums), Til Schneider (trombone) and this year’s Echo Jazz winner, Frederik Köster (flugelhorn).

The singer herself describes her works as melancholic – which they are, in the best sense of the word. On a rainy day, the sounds invite one to dream, often sensitively lead by the piano. These songs, original compositions without exception, were written in moments of absolute tranquillity – and this can be heard. The tenor throughout the songs is tranquil, the performance is authentic, the sound is pure. The listener can light-heartedly send his fantasy on a journey against the background of the sparse, almost minimalistic instrumentation.

The songs do without any conventional jazz improvisation or solos by individual instruments – they are well-structured compositions from beginning to end and live from the acoustical moment. The unobtrusive rhythm sustains the songs throughout, each note peels away another layer of soul pictures, proving that less is more. Appropriately, the press also speak of a “fascinating slowness”, celebrating the “gospels and spirituals of modern times”.

For the singer, “incredible emotionality, joy of life, inspiration, relaxation and melancholy” are all a part of music and she expresses this in her songs. “The melodies always evolve first”, says Kathrin Scheer. “I carry them around with me in my head for quite a while – the lyrics are added later”. A very personal album is the result. The music appears to be weightless, yet it gets under your skin. A recurring theme is the search for oneself, one’s place in life - but the lingering moment and the intense, direct experience are also a part of this melancholic retrospect. “Everything we did was all we had in life”, it says in the title song Rare that drew attention to her in the music video portal C-Tube, back then in 2008. But it’s not only the lyrics, Kathrin Scheer play with time and memory using sound quotations as well. The last song on the album , the lively The night is young (and so are we), is reminiscent of the jazz scene’s former grandes dames.

In the meanwhile, Kathrin Scheer herself is one of the grandes dames: she has style. Supported by a first class band, she has developed her own very individual, personal style as a singer and jazz songwriter – not of this world, but created for each individual. The harmonies permeate both the heart and ears alike, as the music doesn’t intend to impress by using loud effects. Its refinement unfolds in the emphatic poetics of tranquillity: intense, immediate and – precious.
Myrta Köhler

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