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   Martin Klein: Lass uns bleiben: Release Information

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Release Date: 18.11.2011
EAN/UPC: 705304456026
TT Catalogue No: 4560

Singer-songwriter Martin Klein can create small wonders: his versatile voice and accomplished piano playing pull off songs that can take your breath away with their simplicity and brilliance. After the success of his first work "Songs for My Piano", Klein is now releasing his second album on Traumton Records. Entitled "Lass uns bleiben" [let's stay], he goes back to his roots and gives all he's got to the songs as a simple soloist. The results are timeless numbers with piano accompaniment that are compelling with their intensity and independence. Recorded live and without the use of overdubs, Klein's poised piano playing, talented voice, and the strong lyrics are all shown off to their best advantage.

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