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Goals at Midem


Featured Artists:

Erika Stucky
Frederik Köster Quartett
Christian Zehnder Quartett
David Helbock's Random/Control
Carsten Daerr Trio
Arne Jansen Trio
Science Fiction Theater
Patty Moon
Kathrin Scheer
Fjoralba Turku Quartet


Dear Midem participant, dear friends

we are attending Midem again this year and would like to meet you in order to present you our artists and releases, or to simply touch base

TRAUMTON is looking for distribution in all territories but GAS and Japan, licensing and subpublishing in all territories and further licensing opportunities for film, documentaries, DVDs etc.

We invite you to meet us at the booth of Jazz & Worldpartners, # R 32.34 .
For appointments or further information feel free to contact our office by phone
at +40 30 331 9350 or by e-mail at traumton@traumton.de.