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Patty Moon (Germany)

File under: Pop

Patty Moon: vocals, piano
Tobias Schwab: guitar, bass, piano, accordion, clarinet, melodica, percussion.
Daniel Hansmann: drums Christian Simon: flugelhorn, trumpet Anselm Geiger: cello

Info: Patty Moon
Homepage: www.pattymoon.de
MySpace: myspace.com/pattymoonmusic

Cinema for the ears
according to the reaction of the press since their 2009 release "Lost In Your Head", Patty Moon are ranked amongst those internationally successful artists, who position themselves skillfully between profound singer/songwriter aesthetics and accessible pop. "Stern" magazin called the production a "magical album", the magazine "Audio" was enthralled by the inspiring "feathery folk-pop" and "Jazzthetik" described "Lost In Your Head" as a "genuine gesamtkunstwerk."


Mimi And Me (2011)

Dream Up (2009)


Lost In Your Head (2008)

Clouds Inside (2004)