"Traumton Studio, Berlin Spandau - A grand white ballroom opens up surprisingly after the unassuming greyness of the street entrance and draws breathy superlatives from all in the raven posse as we wander in and gaze about. The main room is half wooden floor and half lush red carpet, with the center dominated by the magnificent presence of a Steinway D concert grand piano. Measuring approximately 22 metres in length and with a range of about 16 octaves, we were all suitably impressed. This recording is going to be fun!
Day 1 of an album recording is usually a bit messy, as I have to set up all my drums and percussion, allow the engineer to set up microphones, and then we start trying to get a good sound out of it all. However most microphones were already up and waiting for drums, so as soon as I had put everything in place, the fabulous Markus directed a few mics, and with very little apparent effort, some of the warmest, fattest drum sounds I've heard were 'on tape'."
JAMES RICHMOND, Naked Raven (Australia)