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Carsten Daerr Trio


Wide Angle     (26.03.2010)
Insomniac Wonderworld     (26.10.2007)
Bantha Food     (26.09.2005)
PurpleCoolCarSleep     (20.10.2003)

Genre: Jazz

Berlin pianist Carsten Daerr is rated one of the most promising international musicians to watch. His ability to integrate a high degree of musical abstraction and reflection into his music without forfeiting any of its directness distinguishes his compositions from mainstream music.

An in-demand soloist, his own creativity stems from his energetic trio who consider themselves the equilateral sides of a musical triangle ? an idea as old as the history of jazz itself, yet still amazingly capable of producing ever new variations on a theme. Daerr & Co are quite clearly one of the driving forces of this dynamic development.

After his highly lauded debut PurpleCoolCarSleep (2003), followed up by what Rolling Stone heralded as ?The most exciting piano trio album of the year?, Bantha Food (2005) and Insomniac Wonderworld (2007) the new Trio recording Wide Angle ist scheduled for an April 2010 release,

True to their own visionary style as artists, Daerr, Potratz and Schaeffer invent their own fluctuating universe full of sophisticated sounds and incredible combinations as they interpret free jazz. The Carsten Daerr Trio have undoubtedly hit upon an exciting language all of their own, made up of certain acoustic elements of electronic music, a classical austerity, an intriguing interplay of embellishments from repertoire standards, pop as well as film, some private impressions and an almost childlike fascination with sound of all kinds. To put it in a nutshell ? the waywardness of Berlin outdoes global mainstream.



Out now:
Carsten Daerr Trio

Wide Angle
CD 4537-2
file under: Jazz/Piano Trio

"Contemporary piano jazz beyond stereotypes. Versed individualists Carsten Daerr (grandpiano), Oliver Potratz (bass) and Eric Schaefer (drums) sparkle with pulsative finesse, clear cut ideas and sophisticated dynamics, without getting lost in the abstract. Juvenile energy and cool playing technique join forces in a vital and enthralling unity here." (kra)
Journal Frankfurt, 4/2010


Carsten Daerr - piano
Born in Berlin in 1975, Carsten was taking classical piano lessons from1982 to 1995. Further on he studied jazz-piano at the Hochschule der Kuenste (HdK) in Berlin with Kirk Nurock and Hubert Nuß and composition with o.a. James Knapp and Maria Schneider.
Since 1998 he is involved in band projects of his own such as "TUOMI" (with Carlos Bica (double bass) and Kristiina Tuomi (vocals), Carsten Daerr Trio, Marc Wyand Quartet and as a duo with trumpeter Sven Klammer. He has performed and/or recorded with a.o. Michael Schiefel, dem Till Brönner Quintett, Christopher Dell, Christof Lauer, Nasheet Waits und Bunky Green.

Oliver Potratz - doublebass
born in Hamburg in 1973, Oliver studied classical music at the Hochschule der Kuenste (HdK) in Berlin with Prof. Michael Wolf and Prof. Rainer Zepperitz (Berlin Philharmonics), as well as Jazz with Siggi Busch, David Friedman and Jerry Granelli from1995 - 1999.
Oliver is member of the Weltorchester (world orchestra) since 1997, touring and concerts with various ensembles lead him to Spain, France, Lettland, Estonia, Finnland, Denmark, Japan, Taiwan, Korea, Philippines, Israel, South Afrika, Roumania, Poland, Russia and Switzerland.
He has performed and/or recorded with a.o. Peter Fulda, Hayden Chisholm, Mircea Tiberian, Tomasz Stanko, Bobby McFerrin.

Eric Schaefer - drums
Born in Berlin in 1976, Eric studied New Music with Christoph Caskl, Jazz with David Friedman, Jerry Granelli and Steve Davis as well as composition with James Knapp and Maria Schneider. He has performed and/or recorded with a.o. [em], David Moss, Carlos Bica and Frank Möbus( Azul), Arne Jansen Trio, Ulrike Haage, John Schröder, Peter Weniger, Ed Schuller, Herb Robertson and Gebhard Ullmann. He loves to perform his own music with DEMONTAGE, NICKENDES PERLGRAS, JOHNNY LAMARAMA or the chamber-music ensemble CAMERA OBSCURA.

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