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Schönheit durch Zerbrechlichkeit     (07.10.2016)

Genre: Jazz




New video "Von roten Zungen"


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Schönheit durch Zerbrechlichkeit
CD 4636
file under: jazz
release October 7, 2016
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To get right to the point: Enjuti combine rock emphasis and jazz ideas with current electronic sounds. To further understand the individual charisma of the quartet, it takes a few more words. Almost catchy melodies meet surprising harmonic changes and roving passages. Straight grasping beats disintegrate into broken rhythms or intermit completely for a while. Abstract sounds spurt out from effect and looper pedals or are formed by manipulations inside the piano. Meandering motifs, clear riffs and complex structures meet, merge together and unleash tremendous bursts of energy. The love of freedom of the four musicians manifests itself in a constant tension between cleverly worked out compositions and pointed improvisation, whereby the latter generally refrains from traditional solos and seldom drifts off into complete dissonance. When playing live, also the originally quite compact pieces can stretch to unforeseeable trips with hypnotic intensity. Enjuti’s dramatic composition is as unconventional as fascinating: fine, barely audible single notes gradually grow into powerful, at times drone-like monolithic walls of sound, which eventually dissolve time and space and transfer the fascinated audience into other spheres. . . . read more

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