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Clara Haberkamp Trio


Orange Blossom     (30.09.2016)

Genre: jazz

"Clara Haberkamp's music is a journey full of twists and turns, unexpected beginnings and surprise endings. It challenges and satisfies at the same time so, enjoy the trip!"
David Friedman



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Clara Haberkamp Trio

Orange Blossom
CD 4634
file under: jazz
release September 30, 2016
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Music and life. Art, no matter in which form, is always most authentic when it reflects life. Not only a certain aspect of life, but rather life with its enticing but equally merciless and often quite paradox diversity. The young Berlin based pianist Clara Haberkamp is alive. This sounds so basic and trivial, that it actually shouldn’t be mentioned here at all. But for Clara Haberkamp there is no separation between her life and music. She doesn’t postulate the proverbial “living for her music” and doesn’t play music to live, but life and music are simply one to her, and the new CD makes this very clear. . . . read more



Clara Haberkamp

new video: Caged Bird

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