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Outro Ar     (01.02.1997)

Genre: World, Brazilian


Certain things take time, especially when your nickname is Jabuti - Brazilian for turtle. Gilberto Miranda Fonteles. a.k.a Jabuti, has stuck to the name which was jokingly given to him by a schoolteacher. Born in Parnaiba-Piaui, Brazil, he grew up in a musical environment with ten brothers and sisters. He easily picked up guitar playing from an elder brother and started writing his first songs together with his sister Zeze.

In 1976 he moved to Fortaleza to study chemical science.Living in Fortaleza, he was fascinated by the bohemian life at Iracema beach in Fortaleza. He soon became close friends with other musicians and composers like Amaro Pena and Felipe Cordeira. He formed his own band and together they produced the CD "Cria do mundo" . In 1989 he moved to Teresina-Piaui and became the musical director of the group "Banda Onix". They toured Brazil for five years and recorded two CDs. In 1995 Jabuti felt that it was time to follow his dream of travelling. This first led him to Paris and after six months, to Berlin, Germany. Carrying not much more than his guitar and his music, he decided to settle there after meeting lyricists Celso Baquil and Ivan Ferraro. He was inspired by Basquil and Ferrari and started working on new songs.

In early fall 1996 Jabuti got in touch with producer Wolfgang Loos through their mutual friend Jorge Degas, bassplayer of XIAME. Loos invited him to the studio and after the first session they promptly decided to produce a complete album together. This album includes some of Jabuti´s work written during the last fifteen years.

His debut CD 'Outro Ar' is a collection of timeless beauty. Jabuti examines the wonders of love and life in a collection of ballads, lilting mid-tempo tunes and up-beat songs all sung in Portuguese. The intense feeling of his lyrics and voice combined with the strength of his melodies and the beauty of the instrumental accompaniment, especially his wonderful acoustic guitar playing, catapult this music past any niche market inhabited by foreign singer/songwriters. Guest musicians on "Outro Ar" are amongst others, American clarinetist/saxophonist Denney Goodhew (well-known from recordings with Ralph Towner, Jerry Granelli, Wayne Horvitz and many others), American flugelhornist Eddie Hayes and Danish Jazzsinger Vini Kjærsgaard Iul.

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