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Karl Ivar Refseth Trio


Devotion     (18.2.2022)
Praying     (22.05.2015)

Genre: Jazz

Karl Ivar Refseth

Karl Ivar Refseth is a Norwegian musician from Hedmark in south-eastern Norway. The last several years he has been based in Berlin and been a member of The Notwist, one of Germany’s most internationally acclaimed indie rock bands. Together they have toured all over Europe and performed at a string of festivals.

Refseth has also recorded and toured with Tied&Tickled Trio and the legendary American jazz musician Billy Hart, who has played with musical legends such as Miles Davies, Herbie Hancock, Larry Young and many other.

The Trio

Since 2012/2013 Refseth has established his own project, Karl Ivar Refseth Trio, a jazz trio where he is the main composer, even if the concerts leave plenty of room for improvisation from all of the three experienced musicians. It’s this group Refseth is now taking on the road.

2015 the trio is presenting their debut album, entitled Praying. Its music has been performed in front of a live audience, amongst other places at the International Literature Festival in Lillehammer, Norway. The album was recorded in Brøttum church, a place of great importance for Refseth, who has a close relationship with religion. The result of recording in this church close to his home and heart is a calm and peaceful musical expression. The music inspires thoughtfulness, be it of a religious or secular nature, and Refseth has said he hopes the music will give the audience a feeling of being grounded.

In comparison with earlier compositions, where the sound has been more experimental and perhaps more demanding of the audience, the focus on the new album is on harmonies, beautiful resonances and forming a melodic whole. The background in jazz still shines through, but this piece of music has something ethereal and delicate about it which challenges the listener to embrace silence and the finer nuances of the compositions.


Date Country, City, Venue
07.10.2022 NO-Hamar, Jazzclub
08.10.2022 NO-Brottum, tba



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Karl Ivar Refseth Trio

CD 4702
file under: jazz
VÖ 18.02.2022

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Out now:

Karl Ivar Refseth Trio

CD 4617
file under: jazz
release May 22, 2015

With vibraphone many associate rhythm and grooves, others possibly think of complex harmonic cascades. Karl Ivar Refseth can certainly play all of this, as you can hear on the first productions of the Andromeda Mega Express Orchestra, with the Tied & Tickled Trio with Billy Hart and since more than four years with Germany’s most innovative indie-rock band The Notwist. For his own album Praying,the Berlin-based Norwegian created an individual aesthetic. “When I compose, I sometimes also think in structures, but have only really accomplished my aim, when I can feel a special enchantment in the music,” Refseth explains. “That is why there are many melodies on this album, that are likeable in the same way as a pop-song.” Ultimately it is about playing something you really mean and not just trying to be cool, Refseth thinks. “Music can make strong statements, sometimes particularly in quiet, meditative moments.” . . . read more

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