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Lisbeth Quartett


There Is Only Make     (27.10.2017)
Lisbeth Live     (13.11.2015)
Framed Frequencies     (10.01.2014)
Constant Travellers     (28.10.2011)

Genre: Jazz

Charlotte Greve - saxophone
Manuel Schmiedel - piano
Marc Muellbauer - bass
Moritz Baumgärtner - drums

In 2009, the young saxophonist Charlotte Greve assembled her Berlin-based Lisbeth Quartett to play what one could call contemporary modern jazz. Ever since playing together, the four members of the group – Charlotte Greve (saxophone), Manuel Schmiedel (piano), Marc Muellbauer (bass) and Moritz Baumgärtner (drums) – have been striving to create an honest and unique band sound. Above all, they are trying to create not something totally new, but essentially to play the music that is on their minds.
Furthermore each musician in the band has already made a considerable mark on the german and especially berlin jazz scene.
Their first Album “Grow“ was released in November 2009 by the German label Doublemoon as part of their edition “JazzThing Next Generation“.
For the work she did with her Lisbeth Quartett, Charlotte received the JazzBaltica talent award 2010. The band already played at various renowned festivals such as Palatia Jazz, JazzBaltica and the Young Generation Jazz Meeting Berlin.
Playing mostly original pieces written by Charlotte Greve, Manuel Schmiedel and Marc Muellbauer, Lisbeth Quartett shows how to play exciting music in a simple way, constantly searching for the melody within.



Out now:

Lisbeth Quartett

There Is Only Make
CD 4652
file under: jazz
release October 27, 2017
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Lisbeth Quartett - There Is Only Make

Not only philosophers and quantum physicists know that time is relative. The Lisbeth Quartet has always had its own concept of time. This becomes apparent through the inner ease with which the band develops its sometimes transparent, sometimes dense music, in the studio and on stage. And through Charlotte Greve’s profound, partly lyrical and in the best sense timeless compositions that unite depth and unobtrusive lightness. The latter primarily results from Greve’s sensitive and masterful playing as well as her vibrant, floating saxophone tone. With patient determination, the Lisbeth Quartet has come a long way. It was founded in 2009, divided equally between New York and Berlin since 2012 and awarded a Jazz-Echo as newcomer of the year for its second CD Constant Travellers. The follow-up Framed Frequencies (01/2014) also received high praise, even internationally. “[Greve’s] music is an exciting and energetic process with subtle movement, stripped down to the bare essentials, down to an aesthetic of distinctive moods and intense emotion,” the Financial Times Germany wrote, and the Fono Forum said, “The quartet entices with compositions that are truly of our time, with a seasoned technique and a multi-faceted sound.” . . . read more


Lisbeth Quartett

The new Lisbeth Quartett album "There Is Only Make" is scheduled for a late October release. Here's a first teaser:


Out now:

Lisbeth Quartett

Lisbeth Live
CD 4629
file under: jazz
VÖ 13.11.2015

When these four musicians come together they know exactly what to expect from each other - not only in the studio, but especially in a live performance where the music functions even more intuitive. When they play, the joy of improvising and their inventiveness turn into unrestrained spontaneity. The new album was recorded live in concert and is the product of the last thirty concerts the quartet played.
“Lisbeth LIVE” is much more than a live-update of the current state of a continuously working ensemble that is internationally present. The Lisbeth Quartett uses familiar and well-known elements, and then in turn uses them in a new contemporary context. After three successful studio albums “Lisbeth LIVE” takes their combined talent and ingenuity to the next level.

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Out now:

Lisbeth Quartett

Framed Frequencies
CD 4597
file under: jazz
release January 10, 2014


Lisbeth Quartett @ Jazzahead

05.06.2012     Lisbeth Quartett - ECHO JAZZ Award 2012 Dresden, June 3, 2012

Lisbeth Quartett ECHO JAZZ 2012 at Gläserne Manufaktur, Dresden, June 3,2012. Photo: Markus Nass / BVMI Markus Nass


Out now:
Lisbeth Quartett

Constant Travellers
CD 4562-2
file under: Jazz
release October 28, 2011

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