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Meyer - Baumgärtner - Meyer | MELT Trio


Instants     (14.06.2019)
Stroy     (26.08.2016)
Hymnolia     (08.11.2013)
Melt     (09.09.2011)

Genre: Jazz

Melt Trio - Stroy

“The Melt Trio plays and writes music so full of life, that you can’t get enough of it.“ Jazzpodium, Thorsten Hingst, 11/2013

“We have rarely experienced an electric guitar trio so fresh and so rich in space and sound.” Jazzzeitung, Stefan Pieper, 11/2013

The third album of the Melt Trio appears atmospheric and exciting at once. Bernhard and Peter Meyer and Moritz Baumgärtner have further polished their unique style and exhibit an even stronger creative drive. Their combination of acoustic and electronic sounds seems subtler than ever; specific influences of jazz and modern classical music, as well as post- and prog-rock are only hinted at most, because the music just sounds like Melt Trio. It has always been one of the band’s trademarks, to merge composed and improvised passages in a way that they can hardly be differentiated. Conventional structures like the succession of the main theme and solo abstractions have long been dissolved. And whoever is looking for fret board magic for its own sake has to look elsewhere. . . . read more



Melt Trio

MELT TRIO are LIVING IN A BOX #19 | live at Club Gretchen


Out now:

Melt Trio / Jan Bang

CD 8047
file under: jazz
release June 14, 2019

Recorded live at XJazz Festival Berlin, 2015

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