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Nine Rain


Rain of Fire     (01.09.2001)

Genre: World, Avantgarde

Nine Rain a Brief History: In 1993 Steven Brown and Nicolás Klau moved to Mexico. With the idea of continuing a project begun in Bruxelles they soon began working with Jose Manuel Aguilera (guitar, voice) and Juan Carlos Lopez (drums, percussion) on new music. Within the year they were playing all over Mexico City as well as touring around the country playing music of Brown, Klau and Tuxedomoon. From the onset this repertoire will begin to be influenced by Mexican music eventually giving birth to the unique Nine Rain sound. 1995 Alejandro Herrera joins the group incorporating Son Jarocho the traditional music of Veracruz with his instruments, the Requinto and the Jarana. In the same year Nine Rain will record their first cd. March of 1996 Nine Rain presents their first Cd Nine Rain (chiknawi Quiahuitl in nauhuatl) in the prestigious Music Hall Blas Galindo in the Centro Nacional de las Artes in Mexico City. Previous to this concert Brown, Klau and Van Lieshout tour Europe performing the same material in a fund raising venture for the Zapatistas that will eventually lead to the building of a hospital in Chiapas. The CD Nine Rain is mix of atmospheres, languages and sounds that weaves a web of staccato fandango rhythms from Tlacotalpan with quotes from the Subcommandante Marcos (Marcos Carnival), a hypnotic arpeggio that sways from major to minor producing a chiaroscuro of sudden stabs of sunshine on a rainy day on the River Papaloapan (Rainy Jaranero) bubbling instrumentals (Into the Sea) a hymn to the eternal outsider inspired by Rimbaud (Razza) existentialism with a touch of Besame Mucho (Raw Girls) and including a cover of the great Mexican singer, composer and pianist Agustin Lara (Oracion Caribe) where the unique style achieved by Nine Rain in these thirteen pieces is solidly confirmed. In addition to the five original members this first recording includes as special guests: Luc van Lieshout (trumpet and flugel horn) Ivan Georgiev (bass) Pierre Narcisse (percussion) Patricio Iglesias (drums) Poncho Figueroa (bass) and Julieta Venegas (backing vocals). In 1999 Brown Klau Aguilera and Herrera decide to record a second cd, and at the suggestion of Edmundo Navas (Opcion Sonica Records) the CD Rain of Fire will be recorded in Havana Cuba in the famous EGREM studios. Without losing any of their by now established musical identity, island influences are noted in the pieces; Guantanamos Harpsichord, Isla, and Lamento. Brown lends his mini disc recorder to new found friend Vladimir who will provide a colorful documentation of the bands stay in Havana on the cd with the title Radio 2nay. Jorge Esteban records this CD and begins to work with Nine Rain at this time as live sound engineer. In 2000 Nine rain is commissioned to compose the original music for the Mexican pavilion at the World Expo in Hannover. 2002 with the departure of Jose Manuel Aguilera, Jose Luis Dominguez joins the band as guitarist and at the same time Daniel Aspuru is welcomed as the groups new drummer. With this line up Nine Rain will play Berlin and in 2003 Roma, Belgrade, and St Petersburg where they present the CD Choice an anthology of the best of the first two Nine Rain cds released by the Russian label Neo Acustica. In December 2002 the radio documentary Nine Rain; the Berlin Tour produced by Alejandro Herrera wins first prize in a journalistic contest organized in Mexico by the German foundation F.E.S. The same year Rain of Fire is released in Germany on the Berlin based Traumton label. In November of 2003 Brown organizes the First X-TACION Music Festival in the former train station of Oaxaca, Oaxaca. Nine Rain will close the all day event which includes fourteen different musical groups. In the same month Rain of Fire is released in the USA on the Liquid-8 label. 2004-2005 the band continues to play concerts ( Festival de San Luis Potosi, Jazz Festival of Tlalpanetc) as well as work steadily on new recordings

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