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Revista Do Samba


Outras Bossas     (21.06.2005)
Revista Do Samba     (09.06.2002)

Genre: World, Brazilian


B e t o Bianchi

Guitarist and composer. Develops work of rhythmic research and of repertoire. Musical direction for Leticia Coura's first solo cd, "Bam Bam Bam", released by Dabliú Discos in 1998.
Participated in the collection "Raw Cuts" - Rodell Records, California USA 1994. Beside saxophonist Maria Bragança participated of the collection "Manhã de Carnaval", of Laser Digital in Köln, Germany, 1995.
Toured several times in Europe.
With singer Flávia Campos directed and played the shows "Musica Estranha" in Belo Horizonte and São Paulo, 1995.
Composed soundtrack for the video winner of the Cultural Competition FIAT 1989, participant of the festivals of video of Canela (RS) and Berlin (Germany), and developed the projects "Abstração em Três Vias", "Rua", ambient music for artist's Márcia David exhibition (Galeria Itaú SP- Brazil), and soundtracks for videos "Yanomami" (England ) and Ana (Brazil -2001).

Le t í c i a Coura

Singer and composer. By the end of the eighties toured in Germany, France and Switzerland, presenting at the International Festival of Jazz of Montreux accompanied by musicians of several countries. Under musical direction of Tavinho Moura, recorded beside Pena Branca & Xavantinho the soundtrack for the film "Minas, Texas", rewarded in the Festival of Movies of Brasília. In 93 presented the show "Conversa de Botequim", centered in compositions of Noel Rosa, in Spain and Italy.
During 96/97 released her first solo cd, "BAM BAM BAM" (Dabliú Discos). Together pianist Marcelo Zanettini recorded the cd "Letícia Coura sings Boris Vian" (Dabliú Discos/2000).
Participated of the cd "Circus" (Recording Attraction), with the group "Parlapatões, Patifes e Paspalhões", "Bum Bum do Poeta" (Natasha Records), of Beatriz Azevedo, and "Mariantivel", of the band "Grande Ah!...."
In theater she took part in "Bacantes", of José Celso Martinez Corrêa (1999 and 2001), "I LOVE" and "Vox Populi", of Beatriz Azevedo, as singer and vocal coach, "Retabulo da Avareza, Luxúria e Morte" of Companhia dos Satyros (2001).
As composer, actress and singer, participated of "Opera Urbana Zucco" based on Bernard-Marie Koltès's work, Prize Estímulo Pesquisa of Scenic Language of the Clerkship of State of the Culture of São Paulo (1995).
She did the vocal preparation of the cast for the show "Pedro Almodóvar's Patty Diphusa", direction of Fernando Guerreiro (2000), and "Peripatéticos" (1997), of Beatriz Azevedo. In 2001 she released the cd "Leticia Coura canta Boris Vian".

Ví t o r da Trindade

Ogan Alabê, percussionist, singer and guitarist, teacher of Brazilian dances.
He played with the bands "Bazar dos Baratos" (RJ), "Réquiem Napalm" and "Flor do Luar" (BA), "Banda Kalimba", "Cometa Gafi" and "Maria da Fé" (SP), with the dance groups "Batacotô", Popular Theater "Solano Trindade", "Grupo Fuá" and "Ma Han".
Participated of the films "O samba mandou me chamar", of Sérgio Zeigler, with Zezé Mota and Pascoal da Conceição, and "Deusa Negra", of Ola Balogun, co-production Brazil and Nigeria, with Jece Valadão and Vera Gimenez.
Composed for the bands "Semente of Baobá", "Duo Baobá", "Maria da Fé" and "Moleque de Rua", and for several theatrical shows.
Does percussion workshops and Brazilian dances in cultural centers Sesc divisions, Pompéia Ipiranga, Bertioga, Rio Preto, Piracicaba and Belenzinho, in the cultural centers Oswald de Andrade, Alfredo Volpi, Cândido Portinari, Butantã and Itaquera, in the state of São Paulo. Participated of Samba Syndrom 98, 99, 2000 and 2001, invitation of Landesmusik Akademie of Berlin, Germany, where he taught rhythms, songs and Afro-Brazilian dances.
In 2001 relased his cd with Carlos Caçapava, "Airá Otá".

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