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Sailing The Seven Seas     (21.09.2007)
Pippi (Single)     (16.06.2006
digital only)
Mish Mash     (15.09.2006)

Genre: Pop

Fact 1
Sanagi is a hybrid band

Fact 2
They believe that people are able to understand music that expresses more than one mood

Fact 3
Their music provides escape, emotional bluntness, irony and pure fun.Their music is an honest expression an they intend to keep it that way.

Fact 4
MishMash (the album) is divided in two sections, listening to only the first song oft the album will not give you an idea of what they do.

Lene Toje and Robin Sato formed Sanagi in Liverpool 2002. Robin, from Japan, represents the instrumental part of Sanagi, through programming and the world of electronica. Words and melodies are created by the voice and songwriter of Sanagi, Lene Toje from Norway.

Sanagi's music can be described as organic electro with a hint of trip hop, experimental edge and humour. They have diverse range in material, which goes from sweet and beautiful to upbeat with a hard edge.

Sanagi will release their debut album "MishMash" in September 2006 on Traumton.




SANAGI live at NEUE HELDEN "Studio Eins"


Out now


Sailing The Seven Seas
CD 4506-2
file under: Pop
Release September 21, 2007



Popkomm Conference - Artists as architects!

Moderator: Mark Sutherland International Bureau Chief, Billboard

Speaker: Sioen, Michael Monroe/Hanoi, Robin Sato & Lene Toje/Sanagi, Jon Tufnell Managing Director, Hill Valley Records Ltd
Conference Room 2, Hall 22
September 20th, 5:30 pm - 6:30 pm



Sanagi's new video "Porcupine" is available on iTunes or YouTube now.

15.06.2006     Sanagi @ Popkomm 2006

We are glad to announce that Sanagi have been chosen for an official Popkomm showcase 2006!


Welcome Sanagi

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