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Shake Stew


(A)live!     (18.09.2020)
Grilling Crickets in a Straw Hut     (02.08.2019
digital only)
Gris Gris     (01.11.2019)
Rise and Rise Again     (20.04.2018)
The Golden Fang     (17.02.2017)

Genre: Jazz


What do you expect to read about a band you already got an idea of? Look at the picture above. You can’t help but immediately feel a certain vibe. Although you can’t really tell what the nature of your feeling is, it becomes very clear that it’s everything – and nothing at all. That vibe is what we refer to as THE GOLDEN FANG. “Whatever you do keep clear of the Fang” they used to say. But not anymore. This Golden Fang – what they call many things to many folks – a vertical package inhabited by an ancient energy. From every point of view it quickly becomes obvious that the word is neither the sound nor the feeling, just as the map is never the territory. Which transforms the attraction towards a thing as diversified as the Golden Fang into a natural act of pure instinct. The “what” and “how” become irrelevant as soon as you realize that it’s midnight, pitch dark, and you can’t remember wether they drained the pool or not. But hey, what does it matter? You bounce once, twice, then off the edge of the board and down in a blunt cannonball. One thing’s for sure: At some point SHAKE STEW will let loose. And if that happens you’d better be around.




“Bassist Lukas Kranzelbinder opens the buffet of new sounds, with the band Shake Stew. Style is a thing of the past – transformation and diversity are the new genre! Let the good vibrations flow! Shake Stew is an intergalactic road movie for your ears.”

“The Saalfelden festival wasted no time, opening with something remarkable on the main stage: bassist Lukas Kranzelbinder and his septet showed how elegantly composition and improvisation can be fused. Moods were subjected to gradual, cunning metamorphoses, soloists wreathed in thick, atmospheric, clouds of sound. The music evoked marching bands and free-tonal celebration, punctuated now and then by Eastern scalar excursions and bluesy innuendo. It made for a fairly magical opening set.”
Der Standard

“It was a concert deserving of celebration. The 28-year-old writes sublime pieces, using the unusual instrumentation – three horn players, two basses and two drummers – to excellent advantage. Cleverly placed breaks make way for inspired solos: Clemens Salesny’s and Johannes Schleiermacher’s saxophones sound great; Mario Rom’s trumpet shines. Judging by this example of the younger generation, Austrian jazz is in excellent health.”
Oberösterreichische Nachrichten

“[…]Nor was there a single stylistically pure band in this year’s lineup. Shake Stew, the septet led by the young Austrian bass star Lukas Kranzelbinder (he also opened the Südtirol Festival in June, with another band) fulfilled the composition commission that traditionally serves as the festival’s opening act: with two bassists and two drummers, Kranzelbinder staged an intelligent, kaleidoscopic revue of musical tradition, framed by two wonderful Alpine gospel pieces.”
Süddeutsche Zeitung

“Shake Stew is also visually imposing: flanked on either side by a double bass, the two drummers fired the band from their position at the back of the stage, inspiring the three-member horn section to let the melody flow. Impressively cool for a premiere, the septet managed a perfect dramatic arc.”
Tiroler Tageszeitung

“Shamanic smears of sound, a fusillade of colossal, architectural beats, and snaking, energy-drunk horn lines – vast, cinematic music.”
Wiener Zeitung

“Kranzelbinder has proved to have a knack; he also has the know-how to manage capacious concert halls. Neither too densely nor too airily structured, Shake Stew drew from a balanced, often surprising mixture of composed and spontaneous music.


Date Country, City, Venue
23.10.2021 MK-Skopje, Skopje Jazz Festival
06.11.2021 DE-Lüdinghausen, Burg Vischering : Münsterland Festival
02.12.2021 FR-Lille, Jazz en Nord



Shake Stew

new video: I Wear My Heart On The Outside


German Jazz Award 2021

Shake Stew

Congratulations to Shake Stew for a German Jazz Award 2021 in the category Best Band International!


Out now:

Shake Stew

CD 4692
file under: jazz
Release September 18, 2020

In reaction to the current, enormously challenging situation, Shake Stew release their first live album and counter the ubiquitous loss of social interaction with a highly energetic testimony of exchange between band and audience. Recordings from the North Sea Jazz Festival, Porgy & Bess Vienna, the Jazzclub Unterfahrt in Munich and the Jazzfestival Saalfelden (vinyl only) paint a picture of a groove-machine that surges up again and again in the live situation. With intense performances Shake Stew has achieved "cult status" within very short time.

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Shake Stew

German Record Critics Award Bestenliste 1.2020
Shake Stew: Gris Gris

""Brilliant wind instruments carve their way through sizzling rhythms. The drums are doubled, the bass as well. The trumpeter and the two saxophonists cheer. The history of jazz sounds, African, futuristic. The rapid play of the Austrian-German septet around bassist Lukas Kranzelbinder is located unmistakably in the here and now. The music screams out and reflects at the same time, even without a verbal announcement one can feel the urgency of the message. The unspoken magic words are called magic and energy. For this you need a double album, at least. Shake Stew brings something cult to contemporary jazz, an enrichment." (For the jury: Bert Noglik)." (for the jury: Bert Noglik)



Out now:

Shake Stew

Gris Gris
CD 4678
file under: jazz
release November 11, 2019

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Austrian band Shake Stew has become something of a phenomenon. They have been enormously successful not only home turf but across Europe becoming one of the hottest live acts on the circuit. They have even spread their unique and energetic sound further afield, including an extensive tour of Canada and stand out shows at Montreal and North Sea Jazz Festival. The band has also attracted the attention of Germany’s leading newspaper Die Zeit who, in an unusual move, sent one of its writers to spend 5 days with the band to cover its summer residence in the Jazzclub Unterfahrt; the resulting feature was euphoric in its praise. Shake Stew has yet to play in the UK, which means they are still relatively unknown here, but hopefully that is set to change with a festival show confirmed for next year (details to be announced). That’s not to say they haven’t attracted attention; BBC Radio 3 broadcast a live concert earlier this year and Jazz FM was an early supporter of the band’s last album Rise and Rise Again, featuring Shabaka Hutchings.

Riding on all this success the band are now preparing to release their third studio album Gris Gris on 1 November.

... read more


Out now:

Shake Stew

Grilling Crickets in a Straw Hut
CD 8052
file under: jazz
release August 2, .2019

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Taken from the forthcoming new studio album ‘Gris Gris’ set for release on 1 November.

From the opening groove of a Moroccan Guembri, played by bandleader Lukas Kranzelbinder, the sound of summer runs riot through this single as Austrian septet Shake Stew take us on an epic 19-minute road trip through their unique sound universe.

With two drummers, two bass players (one playing the Guembri) and three horns, Shake Stew is not your average band, but their musical ideas interlock so naturally that their reputation as one of Europe’s most talented jazz outfits is easy to understand. After celebrated live shows from Montreal to North Sea Jazz and Jazz au Chellah ‘Grilling Crickets in a Straw Hut’ is Shake Stew’s first release since last year’s critically acclaimed album ‘Rise And Rise Again’ which featured Shabaka Hutchings on two tracks.

‘Grilling Crickets in a Straw Hut’ features German guitarist and ECHO Jazz Winner, Tobias Hoffmann, who adds his very own flavour to this highly addictive melding of influences. Prepared in the desert, cooked in the delta and served on the coast it also features solos by all three horn players, with Johannes Schleiermacher setting the tone with some formidable flute work.


Out now:

Shake Stew

Rise an Rise Again
CD 4463
file under: jazz
release April 20, 2018

Touring Canada, USA and Slovenia!

21.6 Winnipeg Jazz Festival (CA)
22.6 Saskatoon Jazz Festival (CA)
23.6 Vancouver Jazz Festival (CA)
25.6 Ottawa Jazz Festival (CA)
26.6 Toronto Jazz Festival (CA)
27.6 Rochester Jazz Festival (US)
28.6 Montreal Jazz Festival (CA)
30.6 Ljubijana Jazz Festival (SLO)

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Shake Stew

New video of the new album "Rise and Rise Again" "Dancing in the Cage of a Soul"
featuring the amazing Zoé Afan Strasser and Vito Vidovič Bintchende
album release release April 20, 2018


Shake Stew

first video of the new album "Rise and Rise Again" " How We See Things (feat. Shabaka Hutchings)
release April 2018


Shake Stew

new video " Fear Of Gold (feat. Queen Mu & The Golden Twaeng)


Shake Stew

new video " Shake the Dust - feat Simon Mayer


Out now:

Shake Stew

The Golden Fang
CD 4639
file under: jazz
release February 17, 2017
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" ... Of course there is that solid double rhythm section that underpins everything, but there isn't a coherent style here, and that's part of the attraction. Instead there's variety, fun and pace. Bands with two drummers are always visually interesting and this is one I would definitely like to see live. It's one of the most exciting new bands I have come across for a while so lets get them over to the UK please!" ...

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