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Sebastian Sternal


Thelonia     (03.06.2022)
Home     (31.03.2017)
Sternal Symphonic Society VOL.2     (20.02.2015)
Sternal Symphonic Society     (05.10.2012)

Genre: Jazz



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CD 4707
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Sebastian Sternal

CD 4646
file under: jazz
VÖ 31.03.2017
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"A really great trio album!"
FONO FORUM, Tilman Urbach, April 2017

"A sparking trio"
Kulturtipp 3/2017


Sebastian Sternal - ECHO Jazz Award 2016

Congratulations to Sebastian Sternal for receiving an ECHO Jazz Award 2016 - Category ""Big Band-Album of the year"!

Sternal Symphonic Society VOL 2


Frederik Köster / Die Verwandlung

Congratulations to Frederik Köster for being nominated for an ECHO Jazz Award 2016 !

Tension / Release


Jahrespreis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritk

Congratulations to

Sebastian Sternal

Sternal Symphonic Society VOL. 2
CD 4616


Out now:

Sebastian Sternal

Sternal Symphonic Society VOL 2
CD 4608
file under: jazz
release February 20, 2015

05.10.2012     Out now:
Sebastian Sternal

Sternal Symphonic Society
CD 4573
file under: jazz
release October 5, 2012

It’s only a game, a game with terms and associations and the semantic fields that they call forth. When the pianist Sebastian Sternal was naming his new project, in which he enlarged the fine sound of his piano trio to include a four-piece horn section and a string quartet, and then named the project “Sternal Symphonic Society”, he knew exactly what reaction he could expect: A very large format comes to mind, a mega power plant of feelings with its elaborate machinery, its carefully drawn blueprints and its excess of details. Lingering in the background as well, we are reminded of symphonic societies, of that bourgeois circle that manufactured discourse, that once helped the composer to direct significance and meaning into his compositions. On the one hand.

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