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The Expense Of Spirit     (23.03.2007)
Tight-Rope-Walker     (15.02.2005)

Genre: Jazz, Vocal

Huge is the boom Scandinavian singers have triggered in the past few years. Rebekka Bakken, Kari Bremnes, Rigmor Gustafsson or Cæcilie Norby ­ Names like these are currently luring German jazz audiences into music halls and record stores, zealously forming a new definition of contemporary ³Euro-Jazz² and effortlessly cutting its umbilical cord from the US schools. Until now the Finnish faction has been conspicuously missing on this new top team of noble Nordic voices. Kristiina Tuomi presents herself as an exciting and original vocalist who puts Finland on the map of modern jazz song-writing ­ and this with trans-European flair and poetry from Poe to Shakespeare.

Hardly any other jazz vocalist release has met with such unanimous enthusiasm from music journalists, features, and reviews as Tuomi's debut, "Tightrope Walker". Its successor, "The Expense of Spirit", release 3/2007, once again proves the trio's utter fearlessness of heights, with an artistic and playfully light concoction of jazzy pop, Shakespeare-inspired lyrical songs and southern harmonies. Kristina Tuomi's natural soprano is confident and competent as it enters dialogue with Carsten Daerr's brilliant piano playing and Carlos Bica's singing contrabass. The result is a wealth of lyrically refined songs full of transparency, songs that challenge, seduce and fascinate their listeners.

TUOMI - When The Angels Fall


02.10.2009     Tuomi Touring with Goethe - Podcast #32

Jazz - TUOMI - Shakespeare and Rilke touring East Africa
Author: Henning Sieverts, Speaker: David Creedon
Translated by Paul McCarthy


TUOMI - Touring with Goethe

Concerts, Workshops
5 to 16 October 2009
Johannesburg, Antananarivo, Dar es Salaam, Maputo

The Trio TUOMI, comprising alto singer, piano and double bass, is one of the most remarkable products of the great Berlin jazz melting pot.
German-Finnish vocalist Kristiina Tuomi and pianist Carsten Daerr first started setting Shakespeare sonnets to music while studying jazz together in Berlin. Portuguese bassist and Berlin transplant Carlos Bica, who has been making quite a splash for some time now with his band Azul, then completed the trio.
Their debut album Tightrope Walker, already acclaimed in insider circles, was followed in 2007 by the CD "Th‘ Expense of Spirit", which proved once and for all that TUOMI is not about putting on song recitals with accompaniment, but a congenial trio at work, with a unique blend of Scandinavian folk, jazzy pop, Shakespeare-inspired art song and Mediterranean Saudade.
” TUOMI enthrals listeners,” raved one radio reviewer under the spell of their latest album. Audiences south of the Equator will be likewise spellbound by their upcoming Africa tour.

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The Expense of Spirit

Tonspion, Germany's leading mp3-magazin states "Highest Eleganz"
Tonspion, 16.3.2007

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