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Ursula West


A legend in my time     (15.12.2005)
Daughter of Country     (01.09.2002)

Genre: Pop, Country

Country girl Ursula West, singer und sweetheart, queen and confidate, with a rare degree of warmth in her singing style that manages to be at once passionate and motherly. Being as intensely genuine as she is talented, her songs often deal with matters other woman in country music wouldn't have discussed in private.

In "A legend in my time" the spirited star tells candidly about the high price of fame and the stressful demands of her show business, all in her signature friendly, down-home style stamped with old-time simplicity. A loving, determined woman who has endured poverty, dashed hopes, domestic violence, slandering heartbreak, unfaithfulness and the unjust terrors of a hard drinking husband, and who's come through it all triumphant with solitary strenght.

And there are said to be commited fans who still haven't noticed that behind the amazingly authentic façade of the touching country girl is Christoph Marti of the Geschwister Pfister.

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