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The Shadow Of My Soul     (24.01.1997)
Xiame     (20.02.1995)
Canto D'Alma     (20.02.1995)

Genre: Jazz, World, Brazilian


Naja - vocals
Born in Copenhagen, Denmark, Naja started to study music as a vocalist at "The Fynske Musikkonservatorium" in Odense in 1992. In 1994 she met bassplayer Jorge Degas who invited her to take part in the production of Xiame's third album as a guest singer. Soon she became a steady member of the band. She finished her studies in 1996. Most recently she has been recording with Markus Resende in Rio, Brazil and will join him on a US tour in spring 97.

Jorge Degas - bass, vocals
Born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Jorge Degas settled down in Denmark in 1987. Since 1970 he has been working as a professional musician. He has been on more than 180 recordings, has played with many renowned Brazilian artists such as Gal Costa, Martinho da Vila, Elba Ramalho and Alceu Valenca, and has toured most of the world including Europe, Africa and Latin America. Some highlights of his live performances have been the Montreux Festival with Alceu Valenca, the Free Jazz Festival in Rio de Janeiro, the Festival Cultura Negra in Nigeria with Paulo Moura, the Celebration of Independence in Angola and at Pao de Acucar with Al Di Meola. In 1993 German TV produced a program about his life and music. Jorge has six recordings under his own name, several leading the band Xiame, and a solo bass album “Violeiro” on Hot Wire Records.

Michael Rodach - guitars
After studying classical guitar in Karlsruhe, he spent two more years at the "Berklee College of Music". He is currently working as a guitarist and composer in Berlin. In recent years he has written numerous com-positions for ballet and modern dance and worked together with choreographers and directors such as Dieter Heitkamp, Claudia Feest. Gayle Tufts, Helge Musical, Calvon Col, Roberto Galvan, Lutz Gregor, Helga Reidmeister, Nikos Liguris, Ulla Kösterke, Jörg Moser. A selection of his minimalistic soundtracks were released recently on his CD RODACH "Musik für Fische - Music for Fish" (Traumton 4409). His new album "Haus am Meer - Seaside Home" (Traumton 4424) is scheduled for an April 97 release. He participated as a guest musician on live and studio productions with, among others, Teo Macero, Bob Moses, Tiger Okoshi, Lou Blackburn, Lindsay Cooper, Jorge Degas, Kevin Coyne and Paulo Moura.

Andreas Weiser - percussion
After studying History and Germanics, Andreas Weiser in 1980 began to work as a freelance jounalsist with his main focus on Brazil. In 1993, he made the documentary "Cantagalo"(THE HILL OF THE SINGING COCKEREL, 16 mm, colour, 96 min.) in conjunction with Thomas Keller for the SWF. In that same year, Andreas Weiser was honoured with the "Journalistenpreis Entwicklungspolitik" (honouring journalist efforts in aiding Third World countries) by the Bundesministerium für wirtschaftliche Zusammenarbeit (the German federal agency for Third World Development).
He studied percussion with, among others, Reinhard Flatischler, Dudu Tucci, Freddie Santiago, Gabi Guedes und Talla Koite. In 1981 he was one of the founding members of the fusion band "Die Elefanten". In the following years he worked with a.o. Dudu Tucci, Celso Mendes, "Die Elefanten", Paulo Moura, Kevin Coyne, Bob Moses, Tiger Okoshi, Teo Macero, Waldemar Bastos, Dom Um Romao and Dr. Supramaniam. In 1993 he founded the project "Materia Prima" and, in 1990, together with Jorge Degas and Michael Rodach, the trio XIAME.

Kenny Martin - drums
Born in Brooklyn, New York, Kenny started playing drums at the age of 6. He studied music and contemporary jazz at Berkley School (Boston) and at Five Towns College in New York with a.o. Artie Simmons, Wes Landers, Billy Cobham, Tony Williams and narada Michael Walden. From 1981-1992 he was a member of 'Defunkt', afterwards he has been touring and recording with Liqid Hips, Bigfood, The Golden Gospel Singers, Electric Rama and many others. He joined XIAME in 1995.

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