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Yakou Tribe


Out of Sight     (29.03.2019
digital only)
100% Results     (22.02.2013)
Rituals     (28.09.2007)
Red and Blue Days     (01.06.2004)
Road Works     (25.04.2001)

Genre: Jazz


Date Country, City, Venue
27.10.2022 DE-Berlin, Curt-Sachs-Saal


22.02.2013     Out now:

Yakou Tribe

100% Results
CD 4581
file under: jazz
release February 22, 2013

Where jazz ends for other bands, is where it begins for Yakou Tribe!
Great rock-bands celebrate their big anniversaries after decades, sometimes even after half a century, with a dozen albums or so. In jazz this is different. Jazz bands meet for one album and if it goes particularly well and the egos are half-way in tune with each other this might lead to a second production. So when a jazz-group releases four solid albums with the same line-up of musicians, this is quite the sensation. Especially when this happens in the great boiler Berlin. The quartet Yakou Tribe however, has never had a problem breaking with the customs of jazz. “100% Results” is in fact the fourth record to date of the Berliner band and it celebrates once more the colorful, vibrant life.


Out now:

Yakou Tribe

CD 4498-2
file under: Jazz
Release September 9, 2007

Record Release Concert
29.9. D-Berlin, A-Trane


Kai Brückner - Gitarren, Dobro
born in 1969, since 1989 active in the Berlin music scene. 1990-94 Studied at the Hochschule der Künste (College of Arts). 1994 - 1995 1. residence in New York; instruction under John Abercrombie, Mike Stern und Wayne Krantz, among others. In 1999 a scholarship from the Berlin senate enabled him to attend the International Jazz Workshop in Banff, Kanada (Teacher: Kenny Werner, Dave Holland, Dave Douglas among others). Band projects: the Kai Brückner Trio with Aaron Alexander and J. Anthony Granelli, Jerry Granelli's UFB, Jacobien Vlasman Quartett, Thärichens Tentett, Lone World Trio. Compositions for film music.
Discography: Human Factor CD Kalamanya (Biber/In-akustik), Jerry Granelli's UFB CDs Broken Circle and News From The Street (Intuition/Schott), Rinde Eckert CD Story In, Story Out (Intuition/Schott), Lone World Trio CD Brückner-Beat (Hazelwood), Thärichens Tentett (CD Lady Moon (Minor Music release autumn '01) Jacobien Vlasman Quartett CD Infant Eyes (Timescraper), Thärichens Tentett "The Thin Edge" (Minor Music), Brückner "Bukowski" (Deutsche Grammophon), Andreas Schnermann "Welcome To My Backyard" (Edition Collage), Tilmann Dehnhard Quintett "Koala Louge" (Traumton) Tanmoy Bose "Taaltantra" (Times Music,India).

Jan von Klewitz - Saxophon, Percussion
born in 1961, member of the Jugendjazzorchesters Rheinland-Pfalz, Studied at the Hochschule für Musik (College of Music) in Köln und at the Banff Center of the Arts in Kanada. During his studies he worked with Gene "Mighty Flea" Connors, Ulla Osters "Beyond Janis", HEINZ, and Georg Ruby, among others. Several record productions for Jazzhaus Musik Köln. 1991 moved to Berlin; Live and studio collaboration with Wolfgang Köhler, Bill Elgart, Albert Mangelsdorff, Alexander von Schlippenbach, Evan Parker, Aki Takase, Ernst - Ludwig Petrowski, the double-quartet "Double Dose" with Conny and Matthias Bauer, Gossip, Wolfgang Dauner, Markus Burger, Martin Gjakonovski, Uwe Ecker, Stefan Lottermann, Iven Hausmann, Pepe Berns, John Schröder, Heinz Sauer, Bob Degen, Michel Godard, Steve Arguelles, Norbert Scholly Quartet. Multiple awards for the Berlin senate's studio competition. Numerous performances at festivals at home and abroad - Bukarest, Malta, Freiburg, Stuttgart, Köln, Karlsruhe, München, Würzburg, Berlin, Vilshofen, Leipzig, Cottbus, Frankfurt, Poznan ...
Discography: CD Bonehenge Suite with Stefan Lottermann, Iven Hausmann, Pepe Berns, John Schröder (Jazzhaus Musik), Spiritual Standards 1 and 2 in duo with Markus Burger (Alex Merck Musik), Nils Wülker Group (Laika Records), Thärichens Tentett CD Lady Moon (Minor Music release autumn '01), Lone World Trio CD Brückner-Beat (Hazelwood), Brückner "Bukowski"(Deutsche Grammophon), Thärichens Tentett "The Thin Edge" (Minor Music), Nils Wülker "Space Night" (Sony Music).

Johannes Gunkel - Kontrabaß
born in 1966, classical training (violin, piano) from 1974-84, after that changed to double-bass. 1994-1998 studied at the HdK Berlin (College of Art), Workshops with Dave Liebman, John Taylor, Matthias Rüegg, Jim Knapp. Live and studio collaboration with Franz Bauer, Jim Black, Lone World Trio, Thärichens Tentett, Jacobien Vlasman Quartet, among others.
Discography: Franz Bauer CD Plüschtier (JazzHaus Musik), Lone World Trio CD Brückner-Beat (Hazelwood), Jacobien Vlasman Quartett CD Infant Eyes (Timescraper), Brückner "Bukowski"(Deutsche Grammophon), Thärichens Tentett "Lady Moon" (Minor Music), Thärichens Tentett "The Thin Edge" (Minor Music), Zabriskie Point "Mantra" (Zerozero), Michael Hoffmann "Lieder aus Asurien" (Brother), Frank Paul Schubert "Der Verkauf geht weiter" (JazzHaus).

Rainer Winch - Schlagzeug
born in 1968, before 1991 member of diverse bands in Hannover (Brilliant Corners, Humming Trash, among others); participated in the Jazzworkshop Salzgitter 1991 moved to Berlin, studied at the HdK (College of Arts) under Jerry Granelli, Contact studies in Hamburg and at the Banff Center of the Arts in Kanada; Lessons from Keith Copeland. Live and studio collaboration with Siggi Busch, Bernhard Merkner Quartett, Marc Levine, Kirk Nurock Trio und Felix Wahnschaffe Trio, among others. Band projects: Jazz Indeed, Dirk Homuth Quartet, Jacobien Vlasman Quartet.
Discography: performed on the HdK CD Journey Street; Jazz Indeed CDs Under Water and Who the Moon Is (Traumton Records), Dirk Homuth Quartet CD Der Reiz des Unbekannten, Jacobien Vlasman Quartett CD Infant Eyes (Timescraper), Paul Brody's Tango Toy CD Klezmer Stories (Laika), Julia Hülsmann Trio CD Trio (BIT), Stephan Lang "Echoes" (Heyer Nagel), Lisa Bassenge Trio "A Sigh A Song" (Minor Music).

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