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   Xiame: Canto D'Alma: Release Information

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Release Date: 20.02.1995
EAN/UPC: 705304240724
TT Catalogue No: 4407

Haven't we all experienced them, the soft minor chords of our inner world? The power of melancholy, suddenly condensing a blue sky into a grey curtain of rain, obscuring vision, focusing attention inward?
The conflicting aesthetics of dismal emotions were captured by XIAME on their third CD "Canto d'Alma" and forged into filigrained clusters of sound, enthralling the listener from the first note on. With subtlety and intuition, bassplayer and vocalist Jorge Deas, guitarist Michael Rodach and percussionist Andreas Weiser delve into this many faceted realm, sounding the depths of emotion, discovering queer and concealed aspects.

The eleven songs that are the result of this quest are pleasingly devoid of any reference to what is commonly associated with typical Brazilian music. These aspects were satisfied by XIAME five years ago, when the German-Brazilian trio started building their audience. But the traditional South-American rhythms dominant on XIAME's first CD "XIAME", play a more subdued role on "Canto d'alma". Instead, the musicians unite their contrasting musical characters and personal backgrounds into a harmonic set, telling its predominantly instrumental stories from the perspective of the everyday life they experience together.

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