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   Jabuti: Outro Ar: Presscuts

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Release Date: 01.02.1997
EAN/UPC: 705304442227
TT Catalogue No: 4422

  • "Fascinating - 'Outro Ar' is a sensation!"
    Jazzthing/Blue Rhythm June-August 97

  • "Jabuti has produced a gem of an album on Outro Ar."
    Jazziz 12/97

  • "If you like the work of Antonio Carlos Jobim, Outro Ar is a must-have recording."
    DIRTY LINEN #74, Feb/Mar 98

  • "Jabuti is the nickname given to the Brazilian singer-songwriter Gilberto Miranda Fonteles, who has been working in music since the late '70s. His new album Outro Ar (Traumton 4422; 46:03) - "different air" - in Portuguese - is a lyrical yet smart set of songs tracing some sort of Brazilian-Berlin connection. Embarking on travels outside of his native Brazil in 1995 , he landed in Berlin, where he linked up with cellist Wolfgang Loos, part owner of the German-based Traumton label. Accompanying himself with clean- machined, finger-picked acoustic guitar parts, along with subtle additions of Eddie Hayes’ fluegelhorn, Denney Goodhew’s clarinet and Saxophone and Dietrich Kollöffel’s percussion, Jabuti has made an album of pretty, understated original songs, with traces of Milton Nascimento and Jobim’s lyricism."
    Jazztimes 12/97

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