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   Rodach: Haus am Meer - Seaside Home: Release Information

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Release Date: 27.06.1997
EAN/UPC: 705304442425
TT Catalogue No: 4424

Drops on windowpanes. The narrowness of the city. No air, no time. But yearning, overwhelming. To be one with ones self. And alone. Go there. Where? To the house by the sea, camping in exile. Finally, hours of crest-born inspiration. The horizon like a wire, on which thoughts dance, dreams somersault, hopes don't sink with the sun. To forget time. And everything becomes possible, effortlessly. Out there by the water. Drunk from the wind. To listen to the music of the stars, face in the foam.

In the beginning of 1995 composer and guitarist Michael Rodach surprised listeners with his album "Musik für Fische - Music for Fish", a compilation of minimalistic soundtracks, first written for ballet, theatre and film. With "Haus am Meer - Seaside Home" he returns to that concept. Water stirs his imagination; his soundscapes show the yearning for space: for a place where feelings and thoughts are free to develop, a place which sharpens perception. Symbolically this place evolves at the sea, where water reveals its many faces; still and deceiving, or rough and storm-ridden, moved by different currents. With his music Rodach playfully reflects on the yearning for this imaginary place. He goes into the last detail, doesn't stop, knowing that hidden behind everything there are things new, evolutionary and undiscovered.

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