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   Rodach: Himmel und Hölle - Heaven and Hell: Release Information

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Release Date: 16.03.2000
EAN/UPC: 705304928929
TT Catalogue No: 4434

Time for a change: Michael Rodach changes from his familiar element of water over to fire and air. At least that is the impression one gets reviewing the titles of his first solo-CD's "Musik für Fische - Music for Fish" and "Haus am Meer - Seaside Home".

" Heaven and Hell" sounds more organic, more playful. Here too, Rodach mirrors inner strife and reflects conflicts and contradictions. Quite differently however, from as on his earlier CDs, where the sound was more shaped by samples and cool abstraction - on his new album the guitar determines the tonal cosmos.

18 sound impressions whirl through the room - Rodach triumphs on his beloved Stratocaster, coaxing from it a myriad of emotions: destructive, melancholic, tender and full of fantasy. This time the tracks are not so much illustrated by his rich fund of experience in dance-theater and radio plays, but open up more to their own moods and various styles. Once again, the poetry of the songs impresses, leading to beautiful little sceneries: such as the exhilaratingly peaceful "Eskimo Fairy Tales" on the acoustic guitar, then a dilatory change
into warmer pastures with "Georgia on my Mind" and the orientally inclined "Shake Your Fish".
Now and then the time bombs lying hidden in the songs suddenly explode into an untamed lust for dissonance, like in the slurping-grinding-grating "Devil with a Blue Heart" or the refreshingly ironic "The Don't Know Mind" - a metallic-synthetic chicken-cackling, filled with a revealing egomanical excitement. "Medea" on the other hand, spins und stomps with pure fury. And after the noise: all eternity for "Golden Era" - delicately dabbed in, enraptured.

No travesty, no romantic ivory tower - With "Heaven and Hell" Michael Rodach sets on the cathartic hot/cold showers of feelings.

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