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   Michael Schiefel: I Don't Belong: Presscuts

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Release Date: 24.02.2000
EAN/UPC: 705304442623
TT Catalogue No: 4433

  • "The human voice has a natural ability to do things which can hardly be achieved by other means. It can not only delight the souls of its listeners, but their skin as well. Young Schiefel knows all about the magical power which lies in his vocal chords. [...] Michael Schliefel is an entertainer, although his art would more likely be classified as avant-garde. Some one who is not afraid to make serious music while flirting with the light-hearted muse."
    FAZ, Anna-Bianca Krause, 17.7.2000

  • "Michael Schiefel sends his voice on an expedition into virtual space like nobody else.
    Jazz Thing, Eric Mandel, June-August 2000

  • "I don´belong" evades classification among all the stylistic camps - it is neither jazz nor pop or classical, thereby creating its own free space for interpretation. Here´s a growing artist who doesn´t depend on the certainty of others. And that´s the way it should be."
    Klassik heute, Ralf Dombrowski, 4/2000

  • "Inflexible type-casters scratch their heads, but Frank Zappa nods in approval between the lines - of music."
    Berlin Ticket, Norbert Tefelski, 4/2000

  • "Intriguing sound landscapes between celestial spheres and traumatic depths."
    adam, 5/2000

  • "Apart from him (Michael Schiefel), only few master the voice so well that they can create an entire orchestra in their listeners´ ears. Al Jarreau and especially Bobby McFerrin are names
    that come to mind, but Michael Schiefel is really doing something completely new."
    ZDF.MSNBC, 5/2000

  • "The pawn-juggler from Berlin is very close to today. Because he doesn´t use
    rituals, because he demonstrates just what an "I" is made up of. But above all, because it´s fun to hear it."
    Leipziger Volkszeitung, Ulrich Steinmetzger, 23.3.2000

  • "A highly original product plumbed from the very depths of the vocal art."
    Jazzthetik, 4/2000

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