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   Tuomi: Tight-Rope-Walker: Presscuts

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Release Date: 15.02.2005
EAN/UPC: 705304565629
TT Catalogue No: 4480

  • „ A sensational debut, beyond any stilistic association,“

  • „The most sensual temptation in jazz lately...“
    Melodie & Rhythmus, 2005/04

  • Tuomi: Tightrope Walker
    The young finnish singer Kristina Tuomi knows how to fascinate with her songs as well as with a sensitive interacting trio-instrumentation with the pianist Carsten Daerr and the bass player Carlos Bica.
    Jazzzeitung - Critics Choice2005/04, Bert Noglik, MDR
  • Scandinavians are roughing up europeen jazz for years now. Only the Finns remained till now in elegant retention. Now they’re sending Kristina Tuomi and she instantly wins us over, willingly we take her in and she won’t let us loose. Her moss-green eyes contain a promis, hold wide nature, her debut holds diamonds, clarity and melancholy. The 27 year old singer, as all-round talented as her two excellent musicians Carsten Daerr (p) and Carlos Bica (b), knows how to easily combine jazz, classical modernity and sensually-intelligent songwriting.
    One’s soul feels comfortable in this infinity. Ten songs, for the most part composed by themselves, especially by Daerr, two musical versions of Poe, and borrowings from Bartok and Vega: so beautiful, it moves to tears. Welcome tightrope artist!“
    Kulturnews, 3/2005
  • „Some of our „representatives“ take any advantage in these turbulent times to drivel about „the failure of the multi-cultural experiment“ and „parallel-societies“. They tend to ignore that there are countless examples of inspired cultural exchange. One of them: Tuomi, a finnish-german-portuguese trio from the melting-pot Berlin that, beside their own lyrics, perform lines by two ingenious writers from England and The United States. Singer Kristina Tuomi, the pianist Carsten Daerr and the bass player Carlos Bica put on their album „Tightrope Walker“ Shakespeare sonetts and Edgar Allen Poe poems into music. „ Our sound developed from an art-song-approach to some kind of improvised music, jazz and folksongs.“, Carsten Daerr explains the stilistic direction of the trio. „The esthetics and the functioning, something that developes out of the moment, does come from jazz, but concerning the singing, I’d rather assign myself to pop“, adds Kristina Tuomi, who studied jazz and beside the trio is active in the popband Seazoo and another jazz-trio. From the specified, most oppositional musical elements, the band created a homogene sound in which the gloomy prevailing mood doesn’t clobber you over the head but in a wondrous way sounds easy. What started as a duo and then was made a trio with a cellist was „ pure melancholy then“. But when the cello disappeared in a suitcase towards Hamburg, a new entrant brought light into the murk of Tuomi : the bass player Carlos Bica. „After all he’s a Portuguese and as a southerner he adds his own pieces which sometimes bring a sunny touch to our program or at least offer a ray of hope“, Kristina Tuomi laughs. Despite those particles of light, the trios music stays enjoyably gloomy, elegiac, enchanted and with their clear, lyrical melodies and transfigured harmonies charmingly artistic.“
    Jazzthing 2/2005, Sirus W. Pakard
  • „Now at last there’s a voice from Finnland: Kristina Tuomi, who as Tuomi recorded her debut album with the Berlin pianist Carsten Daerr and the bass player Carlos Bica from Portugal under her own name. A record, with a gloomy sound, which with this intimate chamber-musical instrumentation tells as well a small, musically fine developed stories about romantic, but also hurt love, as it abstractly parphrases a Suzanne Vega song or puts a Shakespeare text with measured tones into music. Bela Bartok appears as well as two poems by Edgar Allen Poe. And Kristina Tuomi sings everything with a disarming clarity and simplicity – far from jazz-parameters – that pleasingly arrests the listeners attention.“
    Jazzthetik 3/2005

  • "Jazz is „in“ again and in Europe especially the graceful female singers from Skandinavia. Newly there and instantly on top is the Finn Kristina Tuomi with her debut album „Tightrope Walker“.
    What made Norah Jones or Katie Delua over the last years also popular in germany, is in fact nothing else than what a lot of scandinavian and german female singers master for many years in perfection : celebrate jazz to tender melodies and emotional arrangements.
    The Finn Kristina Tuomi, living in Berlin, is no exception and smoothly ties up to the tradition of Rebbeka Bakken, Kari Bremnes or Silje Neergard. To say that Tuomi even tops them might sound a bit bold, but it’s easy to fall in love with the music of the former Paloma singer. At her side she’s got Carsten Daerr and Carlos Bica, both internationally famous jazzers.
    Especally the title-song from tuomi’s debut album is over the top... All qualities of the longplayer come together in it, breath-taking, stirring jazz for the more quiet hours of the day.“ (OS) 02.03.2005, mp3 of the day
  • „With unusual dramatic art, fabulous singing and a powertrio-instrumentation, „Tightrope Walker“ blows your mind. Hard to say what stilistically flows into this album of the finn singer – in any way it is an absolute highlight in today’s jazzvocal-meltingpot... creepy-beautiful, melodramatic-balladesque and more..., Carina Prange, März 2005

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