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   Erika Stucky: Princess: Presscuts

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Release Date: 15.04.2005
EAN/UPC: 705304575628
TT Catalogue No: 4481

  • "Erika Stucky is a subversive jazz singer, with a Tom Waits sounding lounge-band. On her newest release "Princess" (2005) the melancholy-tone of one tune veers into Laurie Anderson sound-art excursions, or more likely unusual covers by Nirvana "You know you're right" Michael Jackson "Bad" Queen "Killer Queen", Prince "Sometimes it snows in April", or Elvis "Jailhouse Rock". Her own songs and lyris are compelling--confessional, comical, sometimes outrageous, all under a dramatic bed of brass, accordion and electronica. The most haunting is a Linda Ronstadt song, "El sol que tu quieres". The funniest is "Domina" a dominatrix's anthem that end in a school-room version of the "Hoochie-Coochie-Shuffle".
    There is a stirring edge to all of Erika Stucky's music, and in concert she combines performance and art and a backdrop of her homemade super 8 films.
    So she is a true multimedia package with all her inner feelings, both high and low, exposed to the world. Based in Zurich, Stucky was born to swiss parents, but raised in the 60's San Francisco hippie scene and then the Alps. Her "Princess" is a truely strange jazz affair, and so we should most of all thank her freaky hippie parents for that."
    think*again, Prague, Tony Ozuna

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