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   Carsten Daerr Trio: Bantha Food: Release Information

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Release Date: 26.09.2005
EAN/UPC: 705304622124
TT Catalogue No: 4484

"Bantha Food"

Hardly two years have passed since the release of “PurpleCoolCarSleep”, debut album of pianist Carsten Daerr in trio with bass-player Oliver Potratz and drummer Eric Schaefer, which was an immediate and convincing success. The press mentions him in the same breath with Jackie Terrasson, Jason Moran, Esbjörn Svensson and Brad Mehldau, not as much to compare but as to emphasize that a young pianist has appeared on the scene who speaks his own individual language.

A language that combines experimental sound aspects of E-music (whereby for Carsten Daerr the E stands more for experimental than earnest) classical stringency, awareness of tradition, bits and pieces from standards and pop as well as the fascination with noises of all sorts. “Daerr is practiced in the composition techniques of “New Music” but he doesn’t just combine them with something like the Bill Evans school jazz concept. His idol is Kenny Kirkland, and that means he likes Postbop-Powerplay with an accordion roaring in his left hand and nice racket from the drums. This has an extremely invigorating effect, especially because of Daerr’s harmonic extravagance. “We are waiting for more…” wrote Jazzthing, and Stereoplay remarked “Anybody who breaks into the scene with such command definitely has a future.”

And that’s where Carsten Daerr is going with „Bantha Food“. Again, the title of the second album plays with association. Endless space, fantastic and highly imaginative. If “PurpleCoolCarSleep” was a game with bits and pieces, lined up and put together in a new way like the magnets from Magnetic Poetry on a refrigerator door, “Bantha Food” (if you think this is from “Star Wars” you’re right) moves into another dimension and plays with the concepts of space and time.

Seven years of playing together and working with experimental sounds have intensified the trio’s musical experience. “For us it’s no longer about renditions of standards or compositions in the classical sense, but sounding the depths of ideas and structures”, says Carsten Daerr. So you don’t find any more changes and chord symbols in the compositions; the borders between compositions and improvisations melt into one another. For them the most important thing is to lay down as little as possible, forcing nothing, giving ideas room to let them grow out of themselves, letting them emerge from the living moment. This is how they approach the core of the idea from the periphery, where structures naturally branch out and refine, expanding space, and how they cross musical thresholds, embracing the joy of playing, the lust for adventure, and the collective idea.

Carsten Daerr is fascinated by working with lyrics. Right now he’s working on a Rilke project, and with TUOMI’s debut album Tightrope Walker (in Trio with singer Kristiina Tuomi and bass player Carlos Bica ) he has just recently proven himself as a pianist and composer, putting his lyrical side into an impressive light. With „Bantha Food“ he shows that he knows what fascination with good stories is all about, without words. He always manages to explore difficult terrain, to do a “reality check”, to discover possibilities unimagined, to deliver us from space and time, leaving us with sheer amazement in the end. And here he performs the small miracle of making the time fly by, in every sense of the word.

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