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   Arne Jansen Trio: My Tree: Release Information

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Release Date: 26.01.2006
EAN/UPC: 705304648520
TT Catalogue No: 4486

"My Tree"

Furnished with a seal of approval and provided with the status of prodigies, the „Next Generation“ turned out to be a constant in „Young German Jazz“. In the course of this enjoyable ascent, Traumton Records, beyond Jazz Design, german songs and hit-adaption, but instead with quite a deal of forwardness (as Jazzthetik noted on the occasion of the publishing of Theo Bleckmann’s solo album „Anteroom“), contributed a lot to the liveliness of the young jazz scene through the publication of artists like Michael Schiefel, Erika Stucky, Carsten Daerr and Tuomi. In 2006, Traumton will be able to surprise us again.

A set of publications start auspiciously at the end of january with the debut album of guitarist Arne Jansen who formed a trio with bassist Eva Kruse and drummer Eric Schaefer (both of them called attention with the Wollny/Kruse/Schaefer Trio (em) and the „Young Friends“ last year). Being in great demand and as a very busy sideman, Arne Jansen has lately been touring with the „Katja Riemann Oktett“, Tim Fischer and the australian band „Naked Raven“. Vigilant insiders noted him with „Firomanum“ at Jazz Baltica in 2002.

Born in Flensburg, ever since the begin of his studies at the Universität der Künste in 1996 he lives in Berlin. With his trio-colleagues, he doesn’t only connect through the time they shared on college, but also through a long-term friendship and their common musical work as a trio for about five years now. Their interplay as equal partners is affected by intuitive interaction and intensity. With them he shares the enthusiasm for rock and pop music, as well as classical elements and the musical openness and diversity. Among Arne Jansen’s biggest influences are Mark Knopfler, Jimi Hendrix and John Scofield, as well as Jim Hall, Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, Django Reinhardt, Bill Frisell, and John Abercrombie. „When I get the feeling that a musician opens up and reveals something about himself, I enjoy listening. I like Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, James Taylor, U2, Pearl Jam, Eric Clapton, Sting, but also Messiaen, Gustav Mahler, Beethoven, Bach and Strawinsky.“ One of his favourite bands til today is Pearl Jam. „The first CD„Ten“ came out when I was 15 and blows my mind now as it did then.“

In Arne Jansen’s case the diversity of his musical influences show in his sound. He laughs when he tells about with what an insistant enthusiasm he studied the soli of his role-models, that he found „just ingenious“ when he was he teenager, and how many guitar cords were worn out when he was searching for the ultimate Hendrix-sound. Today, those intensively internalized experiences easily flow into his play. Ideas of how the music should sound and his love for analogue recordings made him record „My Tree“ at the Bohus Sound Recording Studio in Sweden, where already the recordings for (em) took place.
Very structured compositions, in which solo passages and improvisations never seem to be incoherent or optional, sophisticated melodica, lively improvisations, dynamic unisono play of guitar and bass carried by the adventurously versatile drumming of Eric Schaefer and warm lively sound chracteristics on „My Tree“ melt into an impressively self-contained ensemble.
Far from forced Jazz Design concepts and modernistic trends , Arne Jansen’s Trio debut offers stirring Modern Jazz in the truest sens of the word.

„I consider Arne Jansen’s play as an extraordinary surprise – finally someone who doesn’t only „come“ from Jim Hall but someone who really internalized him and at the same time has more than enough own potential to stand out as the extremly remarkable new voice in the choir of younger jazz guitarrists, as a sideman as well as a soloist secure in taste."
Jazzpodium , Alexander Schmitz


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