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   Firomanum: Scope: Release Information

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Release Date: 14.04.2006
EAN/UPC: 705304659229
TT Catalogue No: 4489

A band without a leader? Is that actually survivable in this fast moving age? Even more when all band members already participate in a lot of successful projects?
Half of the quartet Firomanum lives in Cologne, the other half in Berlin. Since their formation in 2000, the four work on a democratic basis: Everyone writes for everyone, all play for all, together they’re Firomanum. „ Why we still play together like this? Because the four of us are having so much fun meeting! Of course the music has its part, but so has the friendship.“ bassist Eva Kruse explains. Saxophonist Niels Klein feels that the band structure without a leader is a welcomed complement to the usual role allocation. „The four of us stand by each other in a positive stress ratio, musically as well as humanly, and it’s just fun to deal with that.“ This distribution of power, falls in place to a balanced ensemble. In every member are those sparks that the name of the band promises. And they sparkle auspiciously. After their succesful debut album „Firomanum“ in 2003 (Schoener Hoeren) they now sovereignly come up with their second album.

Firomanum rips through the auditory canals. Sometimes a bit like rock, sometimes melancholy, always grounded, unusually familiar, firm and relaxed. Angular lines and clear grooves welcome the listener and cleave inside the ear.

Arne Jansen’s „Go straight“ draws you right into the events. „The mean spider of Tandorine“, a composition by Eva Kruse is one of the absolute highlights on the album. Over absorbing minutes, with quiet and high closeness a bizzare web of rythms and timbres is spun until the musicians pave dazzling ways on it. A rollercoaster ride ready to spread its sound even to the most secluded areas of hearing. In its impelling manner, Nils Tegens „Firomatie“ finds the balance between traditional ways and well dosed surprises. Niels Klein’s piece „Frames“, creates, similar to a contemporary tryptichon three cool architectural timbres and places them next to each other. The „frames“ are being extended by using two clarinetts played at the same time, „Harmonic Square“ by Eva Kruse comes in a similar cubistic unwiedly way. The musical characters named „Ranterkant“ and „Zavar“ emanate from the imagination of the drummer, pianist and composer Nils Tegen. Over again they appear in his works – and so their story finds in „Zavar’s neue Farben“ and „Der Schnatt und Ranterkant als Herren im Zenit“ a continuation of the titles on the debut album.

The formation Firomanum confronts its songs in a diversified way, one story flows into the other. The four characters of the band densify to a collective story. Sometimes conceptual, then free again, sometimes reserved and with demure jazz-charms, but always a bit of its own. And the pleasing avantgardistic echos always show a certain sense of humour. The firomanic music doesn’t quite want to leave the auditory canals completely. Already the first listening leaves its traces – from that moment on you want more.
Already before their first cd came out, the quartet took a lot of credit: „ A refreshing new discovery at Jazz Baltica“ the Deutschlandfunk noted in 2002. The Kieler Nachrichten wrote enthusiastically: „With a diversed, partly progressively sounding and unfortunately much too short concert, the formation Firomanum didn’t only give a most welcomed intermezzo but also handed out a remarkable business card.“
Now they pull out that card again. With „Scope“ – in all its meanings.

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