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   Bobo In White Wooden Houses: Mental Radio: Release Information

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Release Date: 29.06.2007
digital only
EAN/UPC: 705304450529
TT Catalogue No: 4505

Finally! Bobo In White Wooden Houses is back with a new album – and it seems like she had not even been away. Almost ten years have passed since her highly successful 1990s releases on Universal Music and her appearance as the angel’s voice on Rammstein’s famous song „Engel“. But Bobo’s most beautiful voice – crystal clear, fragile, unique – still sends shivers down your spine.
"Mental Radio" seamlessly hooks up with Bobo’s earlier works. Once again she presents an inexhaustible source of timeless melodies and brilliant pop arrangements which you would never want to miss.
Welcome back, Bobo. We hope you’ll be around for a while.

"Mental Radio" is available exclusively from the website of Bobo In White Wooden Houses and via mailorder from Traumton's cd shop. Digtal release for all major download shops is scheduled for June 29. 2007.

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