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   Erika Stucky: Suicidal Yodels: Presscuts

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Release Date: 12.10.2007
EAN/UPC: 705304450925
TT Catalogue No: 4509
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  • "'FILE UNDER JAZZ' is the recommendation on the Traumton website for Erika Stucky' Suicidal Yodels on this label. That is an insufficient description that doesn't do justice to the manner in which this singer rises above all genres. Her yodeling and accordion playing are rooted in Switzerland in any case. Her parents were born there, emigrated to the the US, but then returned when their daughter was a young teener. Furthermore, she also lets other elements blow about like folk, c&w and gospel. Stucky also likes location sounds, soundscapes. So some of the tracks were recorded in a shack where wood was being chopped and sawed, in train stations (Zurich and Basel), and used recordings of mumbled prayers during a wake. In Blueberry Hill you can hear the grand acoustics of an empty railway station, with an arriving train and a passing group of kids. But everything revolves around the singing of Stucky herself, not perfectionist and polished off with electronic devices, and thus brittle and sincere. As yodel expert bart plantenga noted in an interview I did with him several years ago: "When you yodel, you're honest." That is the impression I get from Stucky. This is a CD that can once and for all cure you of the notion that yodeling is inevitably corny and grotesque. Stucky has managed to find a warm place in my heart."
    New Folk Sounds, René van Peer, 1/2008

  • “The Anti-Heidi
    If Yodling makes you think of Gwen Stefani, you need to listen to Erika Stucky. Her album “Suicidal Yodels” frequently enters the realms of craziness and if you want to hear probably the greatest musical irritation of recent years, you should check her out! Fate brought the US-Swiss singer from Flower-Power San Francisco to a valley in Wallis, a biographical aspect which might explain Stucky’s wonderfully crazy performance-aesthetic. Her new CD “Suicidal Yodels” is in any case an album defined by incredibly high levels of musicianship and a complete absence of reserve when it comes to exploring the limits of musical experience. Stucky’s yodels are far from the sound of the Musikantenstadl, as she sings and jazzes the blues and dances some wild polka.
    Music for yoga-fans
    As indicated by album’s title, “Suicidal Yodels” sees Stucky devoting herself to – amongst other things – the high art of yodeling. A layperson might associate the experience of yodeling with a feeling of smirking unease; with Stucky, however, yodeling is varied and perfectly presented. Her voice has more meditation than most yoga-courses and when she really starts, it is hard to stay in you seat: multi-cultural in the best sense of the word. If you have the chance to see the singer live on her tour, don’t miss out!”, album of the week, Octobre 23, 07, Henrik John Hohl

  • “The Swiss-American singer Erika Stucky is regarded as one of the most original new voices within the international jazz scene. And original she is, her work charting a course from alpine vistas to nightmare worlds. This doesn’t mean far-out artistic jazz, but rather perfect entertainment, albeit of the crazy kind. On the album “Suicidal Yodels” she frees yodeling from the clutches of hackneyed ‘Hans und Heidi’ alpine stereotypes to produce something that could be described as the high-altitude Blue Yodel. Combining a profound mastery of her craft with a spirit of audacity, Stucky does away with conventional musical listening habits. Confidently changing between primal screams and whispers, parody and soulful seriousness, her own compositions are just as captivating as her cover versions from Bob Dylan and Fats Domino.”
    RBB Kulturradio am Mittag, Michael Seyfert, Bewertung: großartig (outstanding)

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