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   Corin Curschellas: Valdun - Voices of Rumantsch: Release Information

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Release Date: digital only
EAN/UPC: 705304800126
TT Catalogue No: 8001

The world is hardly such a simple place that one could invent it anew if it were to disappear one day. Indeed, it is full of unbridled caprice.
Our planet is a place of wild encounter generating a randomness that is beautiful and terrible at the same time, bringing fortune to living beings but also jeopardizing their lives.

No-one really understands why such great differences should exist within such a small area. Why, for instance, do fifty thousand people in a few Alpine valleys not speak the language of their neighbourhood, but insist on having their own. And not just a single language but one that is written in six different variants and spoken in innumerable local dialects. They willfully persist in adopting a peculiar intonation, a distinct mode of expression, for each one. As if their entire happiness depended on it.

Such stubbornness can be dangerous. Whoever refuses to move beyond this native milieu cuts himself off from the flow of life. It must ultimately wither. But there is another way of relating to ones heritage. Rather than being anxiously defensive, one can open up and enjoy the gifts of curiosity.
After all, what one feels to be ones own peculiar tradition might also arouse wonderment in others, perhaps even bring them enjoyment. And thus shed a new and mysterious radiance on reality. That is the effect of the songs that Corin Curschellas sings in Romansch. She tells us of events that once thrilled the hearts of men and women, poetresses and poets, in this part of Switzerland and still move them today. But her voice, her instruments and her compositions also succeed in transcending the limits of a minor language and releasing the awareness of being part of the whole world that is always present wherever living human beings feel and think, love and suffer. Half magician, half witch, she redeems beguiling enchantments from the ghetto of a remote province and instills them into the ears of her listeners as one skilled in the mysterious art of sound. In Paris, in Berlin, in New York.

Whoever has experienced the wistfulness with which Sontga Margriata parts from her warming fire on a mountain pasture will no longer regard the concerns of the people of Valdun as being any less important than whatever one may encounter in New York. The art of Corin Curschellas restores a rightful appreciation of the varied ways in which the world is experienced.

Linernotes by Iso Camartin

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