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   Patty Moon: Lost In Your Head: Release Information

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Release Date: 03.10.2008
EAN/UPC: 705304451823
TT Catalogue No: 4518

Patty Moon - Lost In Your Head

"the kids alright
the dogs are humming
in their beautiful river parade
how I wish
to join their happiness
and love for a simple day"

This downright idylic picture opens "Lost in Your Head", the new album from Patty Moon, singer, pianist and composer, who has been working on music for the last ten years and is now producing her second album with her musical partner, the multi instrumentalist and producer Tobias Schwab. Needless to say, the idyll which the opener "Under My Wolfskin" alludes to is deceptive, as the nervously flittering piano testifies. Dreamy and playful as the multilayered compositions of the duo are, the lyrics are still filled with shallows and imponderabilities, chimeras and demons. Patty Moon’s songwriting is intuitive and introspective, exploring her internal worlds. With an almost obsessive love for detail, Tobias creates beautiful sound sculptures on the basis of these explorations and their well-tempered harmonies. The sound sculptures are full of surprising twists, gripping suspense, with a wide array of instruments from guitars, trumpets, Flugelhorns, melodica, and accordion, to obscure soundscapes. In the centre is the seemingly lost-in-dream soft and magical voice of Patty Moon.

"Clouds Inside", her debut album from 2004, had been viewed positively – though not enthusiastically – by both critics and listeners, but failed to sell well. Tobias and Patty took their time with their second album, the 13 carefully chosen songs growing and prospering over the last four years. While "Clouds Inside", mixed by the Notwist producer Mario Thaler in the Uphon Studio in Weilheim, was still strongly defined by electronica and ticked trip-hop’s boxes, the songs of "Lost In Your Head" are rather of an acoustic nature and classically instrumented, whilst the foible for bizarre sounds and almost non-identifiable sound snippets has been further cultivated.

On the last album, the strings from Holst Sinfonietta Freiburg added colour, this time, the due decided against additional instrumentation. Nonetheless, the arrangement of each song is unique. The musicians have carefully developed each track – all home studio recordings – step-by-step, layer by layer. Some songs were under development for several months. The only constant, apart from the two main artists themselves, is, just as in the debut, percussionist Daniel Hansmann, as ever the band’s loyal collaborator. Further guest stars include the two cellists Anselm Geiger and Josephine Hesse as well as Christian Simon (Flugelhorn, trumpet), who also featured on the debut.

With "Lost In Your Head", the Freiburg duo is closer to modern melancholic avant garde such as Radiohead and Kate Bush than to acts such as Portishead, Björk and Goldfrapp, with which Patty Moon has often been compared. The new songs have a sleepwalking feel. Patty Moon finds wonderful metaphors to convey the condition of her soul, which have a stronger impact than a narrative war of words might. Ill health ("Best For Me"), angst ("Flapping Monsters"), pain ("Hurt"), death ("Your Murderer") and isolation ("Starving") – Patty Moon’s life doesn’t seem to be a bed of roses. But nothing calms the search for inner peace and balance as well as her songs.

Judith Heusch – Moon’s original name – grew up in the midst of nature with a mill, a stream and woods. Her childhood was, so she says, still not necessarily happy, but nature and animals always served as a haven. This remains unchanged. "Today still, I feel more safe in nature, I can be myself, nature is my biggest love. I am an early bird and out and about with my dogs. I love the dawn, the colours, the smells, the sounds, simply everything about it. I find it fascinating and the aesthetics of it is just as good as it gets. I walk and cycle a lot and am with myself; I can truly comprehend things, can hum and get a clear vision of which picture, which feeling or which situation will form the centre of a song."

Today the singer, who moved out of her parents’ house aged 15 and completed her A Levels age 25 with evening classes, works as an illustrator for books and commercials. She teaches piano and writes plays and musicals for children. Some novels are waiting for the final touches. Patty Moon, whose name is a homage to Peppermint Patty of Peanuts and who spent some years working for the editorial of Mickey Mouse, is a huge fan of comics; her songs however, feature completely different fantasies. Tobias teaches at a music school and also works a lot with children and young people. As an arranger, composer and musician, the multi-talented musician has the skill to cover a broad variety of genres: ‘black forest’ musical cabaret, jazz combo, musicals, experimental electronica, progressive metal and brass orchestra all feature. Lately he has composed the music for two feature films of photographer and director Telemach Wiesinger (who also helms Patty Moon’s videos). Tobias joy for experimentation is clear in the production of the new album.

Both musicians have preserved a certain childlike attitude, undoubtedly a requirement for their positive relationship with children and their world. On the album they manage again and again to make childlike feeling an artistic statement. The sample of a toy clock setting the title track tempo, the toy piano which lends the dramatic "Your Murderer" yet more tension, the tin toy adding a distinct accent to the street market-style "Hurt"; even the melodia in "Straight Alone" sounds made for a lullaby. At the same time, the final piece features one of the most complex arrangement, as accordion and brass forge a tango-esque rhythm that closes the rank between between Balkan melancholia and mariachi sounds. Often, details and facets in Patty Moon’s somnambulant flights of wistfulness fascinate, and let free associations run riot. The title track’s softly cradling, elegiac flugelhorn, the yearning clarinet in "Starving" the western-style trumpet in "Golden Frame" or the rhythm of the crystal clear ballad "Ready for the Smell of Snow" sounding as it does like a respirator – there is much to discover on "Lost In Your Head", this collection of dance like songs which offers incredible space and depth into which one can dive and be gently swept along.

"Lost In Your Head" is an album with tangible oppositions. All of the internal tension contained in the songs is softened by the calming flow of the melodies. Naive and yet subversive, lucid yet puzzling, leaden with gravitas yet light as a feather. Patty Moon directs her ethereal songs with meticulousness, love and passion. Live, this spiritually free duo with vocal and piano, respectively guitar and laptop are just as thrilling as a when they perform as an open ensemble, bringing in cello, drums and where possible a string quartet as they wish. With their album "Lost In Your Head", to be toured in the autumn, Patty Moon re-introduces herself to the public. Here is a – in all senses of the word – sensual act with a fascinating singer to be discovered. Sleepwalking has never felt better.

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